Library Policies

WFE Policies and Hours of Operation

Before School:8:00-8:15 (check out, AR testing). Students may visit the Post Office in the Commons Area to purchase items to support our library and literacy celebrations.

Open Access: students may access the library throughout the day as needed (not open during recess) with a pass from their teacher.

Fixed Schedule: All classes are scheduled to visit the library once a week for 30 minutes (story time, research skills, AR testing, check out).

Flexible Schedule: Teachers may schedule students/classes to use the library for special story times and research projects

Fines: Overdue report is released each Friday to homeroom teachers. Fines are charged to students grades 1-3. The amount is five cents per day after a 5 day grace period and is not charged over weekends/holidays. A lost book fine will be given if the book is 4 weeks late. The patron must pay the replacement cost of the book. If the book is returned in good condition, the fee will be reimbursed to the patron. Books that are returned damaged will be assessed and a fine will be given to the patron according to the amount of damage. The patron may not check out until the account is up to date.

Circulation: Students grades pre-K and K visit the library weekly and check out 1 book. Students in grades 1, 2, and 3 visit the library during both fixed and flexible times and may check out up to 2 books. If a book is overdue/lost the patron may not check out the 2nd book until the account is up to date.

Students are expected to enter the library quietly and talk with soft voices and walk with soft feet.