Parent's Page

Parents, thank you for supporting your student's library.  The library strives to be a positive environment to promote a love of reading and skills to be Life Long Learners. 

Please visit the "Library Policies" page for information on check out procedures and other FAQ.

Library funding comes from Book Fairs and state funding. These funding sources are used to purchase books, technology, teacher resources, repair supplies, and literacy celebrations.  The library also receives used book donations. 

Call or e-mail Ms. Ellzey any time...library fines, reading programs, literacy celebrations, k tutoring program...we are working together as a learning community.

Please visit the "Parent's Page" often for updates and useful resources for you and your family.

I look forward to a wonderful and magical year with your students!

Read just 20 minutes a day with your child.  Not only will it be a routine that you both will look forward to doing, the benefits are well worth it!

Reading is "brain food": the experience of reading activates and exercises many areas of the brain.
Reading improves listening skills. Through reading they learn to recognize phonemes (the sound building blocks of language).
Reading builds early literacy skills.
Reading prepares children for kindergarten.
Practice makes perfect!!
Reading improves academic performance.
So, enjoy just 20 minutes each day with your child, they not only need your one-on-one time they will excel in school because of it.