Book Club is a special activity for our 3rd grade students.


  OUR REGULAR TIMES TO MEET ARE: Fridays at recess


Students are selected on teacher recommendations based on reading levels.  Students in book club meet at least once a week during their recess time and should be prepared to attend and keep up with book discussions and activities.  Classroom and schoolwide behavior is also taken into consideration, students who have repeated behavior problems will be invited to leave the book club. 

Buddy Readers is a book club for all 3rd grade students who would like to partner with pre-K, kindergarten,  or first grade classes to read aloud once a week or once a month.  Buddy Readers choose the story for their special story time and are responsible for creating an enjoyable story time for their scheduled reading. 

Library Workers are selected by librarian, teachers, and administration to work the various tasks of the library.  This job opportunity is for 3rd graders only and includes such tasks as cleaning, shelving,  making book deliveries to teachers, preparing materials for classes, and helping to manage the General Store.  Workers receive a weekly payment and will attend staff meetings.