Welcome to the Library


Mrs. Lacy Ellzey

I have been a librarian for 13 years.  I earned my B.S. in Psychology from 
U.S.M. in 1999 and I received my library certification 
from UNO in 2005. I graduated from LSU with a Masters in Library 
Science in 2010.  

This is my 6th year at WFE and what fun we will have celebrating our theme in 
the library for 2017-18 "Reading in Paradise". We will experience all the 
wonderful magic of reading this year!!

 My goal as librarian is to include the entire learning community;
administrators, teachers, parents, and students to promote the love of 
 The library is a positive environment where students feel welcome to enjoy 
stories, to develop an awareness of authors and illustrators, to 
choose books of interest, and to develop information literacy skills.  
Information literacy is the ability to find and use information and one of 
the main missions of WFE library is to give students the opportunity to 
become independent, ethical, life long learners.  

Information resource skills are taught including dictionary, encyclopedia, 
online research, and preperation for the iLEAP and IOWA tests.

Reading is a foundational skill for learning. The library strongly supports 
reading for pleasure and provides instructional classes on reading skills.
Our reading program is AR.  Please visit the Accelerated Reading site in the 
left margin for more information.

Our library assistant, Mrs. Tiffany is also here to help students choose 
a "just right book".  

We look forward to seeing our students each week!

Reading makes you great and powerful!  Please visit the "Parent's Page" for 
more information.
Happy Reading!  Mrs. Ellzey


The Whispering Forest Library endeavors to create a positive educational 
environment that encourages a love of reading and a love of learning by: 

•	Providing intellectual and physical access to materials
•	Providing instruction and preparing students to become independent, 
        critical thinkers and life-long learners
•	Promoting information literacy 
•	Promoting the value of reading 
•	Working collaboratively with teachers 

The library media center strives to be the intellectual hub of the school.