Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to our website.  It is our hope that this site will give you the information you need and more.  Our PTA also has a link on this site along with their Facebook page.  Our faculty and staff work as a team to ensure the highest quality instruction and deep learning for our students.  Our goal is focused on providing an educational experience that results in a third grader with mastery skills at the end of their Whispering Forest experience.  We need your help to encourage your child(ren)'s participation each day and regular daily attendance (no tardies or early check-outs).  We can guarantee that your child will grow academically, socially, and emotionally with regular attendance and active participation in the learning here at Whispering Forest.

Writing is integrated into all of the subjects during the instructional day.  It is a more technical approach in the process with students pulling information out of the material they may have read and experiences they have had in their lives.  Of course, the writing activities are presented based upon the developmental level of each student.  Much of the state testing in ELA in third grade requires the students to actively think about and respond in writing to different situations.  Our writing skills improve the more we stretch ourselves to use them.  Our goal is to have students in all grades have meaningful writing opportunities each and every day.  As always, the more you, as a parent, assert yourself into helping the children practice these skills, the more proficient the children become.

Another way that you can assist your child in his/her educational experience is to keep up with what is going on at school.  JPAMS provides access to your student(s)' grades.  Our website and the teachers' websites keep you abreast of the activities at school and projects your child is working on during the school year.  Graded papers and important notes go home in the folders given out to each student on Mondays.  Parents, please look for those folders and take the time to go through the work and information provided in them.

In closing, we want to reiterate our message to all parents to find a way to be a part of your child's school day. Volunteer to assist at school, join the PTA, plan to eat breakfast and/or lunch with your child. We ask that you help the children understand how important school is for their future. We also ask that you support our teachers and staff. Your child's learning is the most important gift your child can receive. The benefits will last his/her lifetime. 

See you and your child very soon!

Eric Sacks, Principal