About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Barnes

SCHOOL: Whispering Forest Elementary

CLASS: Music

SCHOOL PHONE: 985-641-3400

About The Teacher

	My name is Sandra Barnes, and I have been teaching for 30 years.  I 
graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1986.  I have a 
type B certification in elementary education, grades 1-8, music, grades K-
12, computer literacy, grades 1-4, and supervision of student teachers.   I 
have always had a passion for the performing arts, especially music.  I have 
been playing the flute and piccolo for 43 years, and I also play the baritone 
and the 
drums as well as sing soprano.  I have also worked on producing annual 
school musicals or programs for the past 28 years, several of them original 

	I believe education is about relationships.  All of the passion for 
learning, all of the best-laid procedures, all of the freedom to question 
and explore, and all of the latest technology will mean nothing without a 
relationship.  The students must feel that they are in a safe environment, 
not only a safe haven from the insanity of the world but also a safe place 
to make mistakes as part of learning.  The teacher must foster trust in the 
students, as learning is about the unknown, and the children need to trust 
the teacher when they are faced with the unknown.  Ultimately, the children 
need to sense that the teacher genuinely cares for them and their learning.  
Without that relationship, a teacher cannot teach.

Mission For The Class

	I want you to be a joyful person who loves learning, who gets along 
with others, and who celebrates life, especially through the arts!