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  • Mar. 14 Spring Pics--Free Dress

    Students bring their favorite toy or an item that is special to them to school to talk about and share with the class for the day. Have them try to draw a picture of it!

    Tuesday, Mar. 14 SHOW & TELL:  Carter, Reveille, Milyssa, Scotty, Charlotte
    Thursday, Mar. 16 SHOW & TELL:  Blake, Kasen, Reese, Emma, Kylie
    Tuesday, March 21st SHOW & TELL:  Raegan, Kennedy, Cora, Bryan, Nikolai

    Apr. 7 ZELC Free Dress if paid. $2 if not
    April 10-17
    Spring Break - No School

    April 18
            Students return to school

    May 5      ZELC Free Dress if paid. $2 if not

    May 9 Star Studen

    May 23 Last day 

    We will start having “
    Show and Tell” 2-3 days per week starting in January. Be on the look-out for a letter regarding this to note which day your child will get to bring their favorite toy to school to talk about and play for the day. They will also be asked to draw a picture of it!

Full price breakfast = 1.35/dayFull price lunch = $1.85/day

If you haven't already done so (and want to), please sign up for REMIND 101 by texting to: 81010 the message: @9hk2h or email to: (you can leave the subject line blank) and you can unsubscribe at any time. We are trying to get 100% participation. 

If there are any changes from the way your child went home the very 1st day they attended, please write a note on their communication sheet in their folder stating how they go home on specified date on until further noticed. ALWAYS THINK (LEAVE NO DOUBT HOW THEY WILL LEAVE SCHOOL)!

~Bus Ridersyellow tag on book bag loop with address to be dropped off
~Carpool - red checkered tag on book bag loop (also need pink card in front passenger dashboard of vehicle) - we can laminate if needed
~Extended Day - American Flag tag on book bag loop

For the 1st day of school:
LABEL everything!
~book sacks, lunch boxes, breakfast & snacks each labeled separately
~write your child's name clearly inside all sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, towels/blankets, change of clothes.

1. ***1 complete uniform in a bag
(this will stay in their book bag at all times-we will not keep it in their cubby)
2.***1 towel for naptime - labeled with your child's name - please no larger than their mat (will be sent home every Friday to be cleaned - please return a towel every Monday)
3.***1 book sack - large enough to hold a 9x 11 plastic folder without bending, their nap towel, and their change of clothes bag 

~ shirts - Navy or white collared (logo 2 inches or smaller - not required)
~ shorts or pants - Khaki (NO cargo pockets)
~ Khaki skirts or jumpers - (shorts, solid white or navy tights, or leggings underneath, please)
~Belt - if loops (please help them practice how to fasten/unfasten)
~ socks - solid white or navy 
~shoes - Must wear closed toe, closed heel shoes
NO boots, NO sandals, NO open toe shoes, No Crocs
including Free Dress Days

to tie your child’s laces in a double knot before school mornings!

Breakfast - 9:26 - 9:46 am 
Lunch - 12:28 - 12:53 pm

am - 9:50 - 10:20
pm - 11:30 - 11:50 

Guidance - once/month on Mondays (unless otherwise noted) - Mrs. Hood
December 12th
January 18th (Wednesday)
February 13th
March 13th
April 19th (Wednesday) 
May 8th 

Library/Computer - Mondays 11:50 - 12:20 (Computer won't start alternating until after Thanksgiving holiday)  
Music - Wednesdays 10:20 - 10:50 Mrs. Hill

Teacher Parent Conferences
1st - 10/11 (more dates TBA for other am/pm slots)
2nd - Spring (Dates TBA)

SCHOOL HOURS: 8:30 am - 3:35 pm
Extended Day Program:  starts at 6:30 am, ends at 5:30 pm
~Students may not be dropped off to school before 8:15 am (unless they are registered for Extended Day)
~No Check Outs after 3:05
~Early Dismissal Days: 1:10 pm
December 19-21
May 19, 22, 23

10/11th & 12th - Fall Holiday
11/21-25 - Thanksgiving
12/22-1/6 - Christmas/Winter Break
1/16 - Martin Luther King, Jr.
2/27, 28, 3/1 - Mardi Gras
4/10-14, 17 - Easter

(Dates will be sent at a later date)

~Spirit Shirts - $10 or $11 worn on Fridays with uniform bottom
~Zachary Proud flood support shirts worn every Monday with uniform bottom
~Free Dress Fridays
($15/year or$2/day) – save $3
11/4, 12/2, 1/13, 2/3, 3/, 4/7(ZELC Only), 5/5
NO boots, NO sandals
Must wear closed toe, closed heel shoes even on Free Dress Days
~Please refer to the light purple sheet in your child’s folder between their communication sheet and the pink deposit slip. Let me know if you have any questions. We will only receipt single payments amounts over $10.00.  Treats will be given out starting Wednesday, September 7th and will end in May.  Send in payments as needed to keep money in your child's account if you would like to participate.  Your child will either receive a popsicle,  Rice Krispy treat, or a moonpie (vanilla, banana, chocolate) each Monday, Wednesday, & Friday they have paid.  We do not know what the treat will be each time, nor can a student choose.  

ALL MONEY must be placed in the designated money pouch inside their folder and the deposit information must be completed.

~Yearbook $20
~Birthday Poster $20