Parent Tips for Preschoolers

1) Read, Read, Read! Choose colorful books with large simple pictures. Not only should you read the text but, talk about the pictures. 

2) Wait, Wait, Wait! Don’t anticipate our child’s needs. Delay your response to your child’s pointing, gestures or babbling when he wants things. Pretend you don’t understand what he wants. Allow enough time for him to process information and find the words that he needs to say.

3) Self Talk.Talk out-loud to your child about what you are seeing, hearing, doing and feeling, this will help increase receptive language.

4) Parallel Talk.Talk out-loud about what is happening to your child. Describe what he is doing, seeing, hearing and feeling when he is in earshot.

5) Praise your child. Respond to your child’s speech attempts with non-verbal and verbal praise. This will encourage his to try and communicate more.

6) Sing to your child. Children love music! Songs promote vocal play, imitation, attention, listening and speech. For example: “The Itisy Bitsy Spider,” “Twinkle, Twinkle little star” or “The Wheels on The Bus.”

7) Ask open-ended questions. You want to encourage your child to use his words and to avoid answering yes/no questions. For example ask; “What do you want?” as opposed to “Do you want the ball?”

Calendar of Events

Dec. 22--Jan. 4 Christmas Break-No School
Jan. 6 Students Return to school 
Jan. 13 ZELC Free Dress
Jan 16. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - No school