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Beginning the week of October 17, middle school students will be learning the study technique SQ3R. Often students are expected to read certain pages for homework. Many times even though the student reads the required pages, the student does not remember what was read the night before. This is usually due to their mind wandering as their only purpose for reading was to complete the required pages. By employing a study technique such as SQ3R students recall what was read. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite Review.

During the first night of study, the student surveys or skims a section of the textbook. The student reads
  • The titles and subtitles,
  • Anything written in the margins,
  • Anything written in a different color, italics, highlighted, bold, underlined,
  • Any questions or chapter summaries or reviews.
Continuing on the first night of study, the student turns the headings, titles, subtitles and any vocabulary words into questions using only the following question words:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where
  • How
An example for English may have the title of the chapter as "Possessive Pronouns" which would be turned into the question: "What are possessive pronouns?" From that section, other questions may be "What is the first person singular possessive pronoun? or "What is the first person plural possessive pronoun?"

The student continues writing the questions leaving space for the answers (skip four or five lines) until all titles and vocabulary words are in the form of a question.

This same night, the student reads to answer the questions. The student writes the answers to the questions on the spaces provided under the question.

The next night, the student reads each question and answer out loud at least three times. Then the student may begin surveying, questioning, and reading the next section of the textbook.

The next night, the student reviews the first set of questions and answers. The student covers the questions with an index card or a hand and reads the question out loud then answers the question out loud. Then the student uncovers the answer to see if it is correct. The student continues in this method with all questions from the first night. Then recites at least three times out loud the questions from the night before. Then the student begins surveying, questioning, and reading the next section.

Note: On the fourth night, the student would still begin reviewing the first set of questions and answers in the same format as the night before. These questions are reviewed until the test is taken for that section.