50th Day of school is on Monday 10-23. You are welcome to join us at 
morning assembly.

McDonald's Night is on Wednesday 10-25.

Bippo the Hippo will visit us on Friday 10-27

Please study the current word list and all previous word list nightly.  
I will keep  this list updated throughout the year.  Please review ALL 
words to know and blended words nightly.

Please check the snack calendar posted on this website. Remember we have 
27 students and please send in individual drinks.

Do not forget to check out the photos on this website. Hope you enjoy 
seeing your child in class activities.  
Please do not send blue ray movies when your child is VIP.

Please use the name cards sent home if you are picking up your child on 

Please DO NOT put money and paper work in your child's school bag. It MUST 
be put in an envelope.