Welcome to Pre-K!

My name is Phillis Lightell and I would like to welcome your child to my Pre-K class. I received my bachelor’s degree from Nicholls State University and my speciality area is Early Childhood Education. I have taught two, three and four year olds, as well as first and third grades.

I am looking forward to getting to know both you and your child. This is going to be an exciting year of learning, exploring and having lots of fun. The children will become familiar with books, new words, and ways to use language, numbers, and problem solving strategies. The children will participate in whole class activities, small groups, and individual interactions with the teacher. They will learn social skills, how to pay attention in school and how to interact with their peers in a positive way.

Every day your child will take home his/her Important Folder. Please check this folder each day. It will contain important announcements, occasional homework assignments, and the daily Stop Light. It is very important that your child bring this back to school each day. This will help to create a routine and continue the communication between home and school. Also, use this as a way to communicate with me. For instance, if your child is doing something different from the normal routine (going home with a friend, being picked up by another family member, etc.) please send me a note to let me know the change of plans. I will check this folder every morning.

Toys and personal valuables should not be brought to school. All personal belongings should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

If you have any special questions or concerns don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail, a note with your child, or set up a conference with me so we can help your child succeed positively in school and achieve his/her full potential.

I feel so honored that I will be your child’s teacher this year, and thank you so much for entrusting me with a very precious gift.



Phillis Lightell