Wednesday, October 18, 2017
#chromebooksareawesome! #wearewritinginchromedocs!

Be sure to have all books and workbooks covered.

4th Grade:English -NONE
4th Grade Vocabulary: Unit 5 Vocabulary Test Friday; study definitions, usage in sentences, synonyms. Practice at the vocabulary workshop website.

4th Grade Reading - Complete Stone Fox chapter one skill sheet questions and follow directions on the back of the skill sheet to write a note about someone you care about in one or more complete paragraphs.

6th Grade Reading:
6th Grade English: NONE
Vocabulary: Unit 5 page 65; test next Friday, October 13.

ART -  Welcome 4th grade to art class!  Bring cover-ups and art pads as described on the supply list and below. 
Most students have turned in their art pads; thank you.
*Turn in Watercolor/Pastel pads.  BOYS: Pastel pads are Canson 9X12  assorted color, 24 sheet pads.   GIRLS: Watercolor pads are Strathmore 140lb, 300 Series, 12 sheet pads. Neither should be spiral bound. Michael's, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon have these pads.  Please let me know if you need me to order for you. Thank you.
*Bring cover ups to art class - apron, smock, big shirt to cover and protect clothing from paint and art materials.

Artsonia! We are live at Artsonia.com
. REGISTRATIONS WILL GO OUT SOON. Please register your child on Artsonia with the permission slip that he/she brought home from art class.  Your child will have his/her own private art museum - you and "fans" that you invite will be able to view your child's art and purchase, if wanted, merchandise with your child's own artwork on it. It's always fun to see our art online and in print!

Students must bring an over-sized T-Shirt or an apron to protect school uniform and a folder for art class.  Pencils and other materials are provided in class.