Welcome Letter


                                                                                                Our Lady of Prompt Succor

                                                                                                2305 Fenelon St.

                                                                                                Chalmette, LA 70043


Dear Parents and Students:

            I hope you each had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. With great excitement and purpose I am looking forward to this new year. This is my twelfth year of teaching music in school. I was a music therapist for almost nine years before choosing to become a music teacher.

            Music is an essential element to any curriculum and can aid in the learning of several foundation skills such as:

·         Communication

·         Problem solving

·         Resource access and utilization

·         Linking and generating knowledge

·         Citizenship

These goals can be achieved through:

·         Creative expression

·         Aesthetic perception

·         Historical and cultural perspective

·         Critical analysis

We will also be working on music for our weekly mass as I feel that the music is an integral part of worship and prayer time. Our participation allows us to show God the respect and time he deserves. I pray that the songs we sing will deepen our relationship to Christ. 


·         Grades are based on participation and behavior (since we do not do a lot of written work)

·         Each student will begin class with an “A” for the day.

·         A student can retain his/her “A” for the day by participating appropriately.

·         If a student chooses to talk or disrupt after at least one warning, his/her daily grade will lower five points with each subsequent offends.

·         Talking, any form of disrupting, making fun, or choosing not to participate will affect a student’s grade.

·         Any work not completed in class is the student’s responsibility, and must be completed at home.

·         Any work completed in class will be for a grade!!!

·         Students are responsible for bringing all necessary materials to class.

·         If he/she cannot participate due to lack of materials, his/her grade for the activity will reflect that.

I believe that students need clearly stated boundaries in order to succeed. I also think that communication between parents, teacher and student are essential to achieving success. I look forward to communicating with you through a variety of means. If you have questions you may contact me through my school e-mail at coquin@olpsschool.org, or call the school. Thank you for your time, and the energy that you put into each of your children. I look forward to a great year!!


Mrs. Corinne S. O’Quin