March 27- March 31

Thursday is Tiger Fest. Bring out your families for fun around the school!

Wednesday- Math Quiz
Thursday- Reading Quiz

3/6- 3-10
I hope everyone had a nice break! The next couple of weeks are very busy and will probably fly by. First, next Tuesday (3/14) is the Special Olympics. I have most students' permission slips, but I do need them as soon as possible for the kids who have not returned them yet. Next Friday is the end of the quarter and there is no school for kids.

This week: 
Spelling quiz on Thursday- red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, white, brown, black, pink
Math- Polygon Quiz on Thursday
Reading- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry test on Friday
Science- Water Cycle Quiz on Friday

2/13- 2/17
Tuesday: Tigerhood Bake Sale
Thursday: math test (fractions)
Friday: reading and spelling tests

2/6- 2/10
This week will be a laid back week for us. There will be a fraction test at the end of the week and a reading quiz. We are sticking with the names of the months as spelling words, because we are having a hard time with them. 
Parents, if you can have your child practice typing at home, it would be very helpful. Standardized tests are online this year and the ability to type is very important. We are working as a class on this skill, but all extra practice will he helpful
Thanks! Have a great week.

1/17- 1/20
I hope everyone enjoyed bowling! Everyone seemed to have a great time, and we look forward to the Olympics in two weeks. 

There is no spelling list this week, because it is a short week. 

Quiz/Test Schedule:
Math- Tuesday: Telling Time
English- Editing a paragraph quiz on Friday
Science- Important Terms quiz on Friday
Reading- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry quiz on Thursday: Chapters 1&2
Social Studies- We are completing an American Revolution packet for a test grade this week. This involves no studying, just class participation.

1/9- 1/13

Everyone had a great first week back! We are back in full swing this week, and we will have a number of quizzes. Those students in my room who are taking the Leap test will begin taking quizzes on the computer. I will be sending home spelling words and a science study guide this week. The students will take a quiz in math on Friday, which will test them on their ability to tell time. That is our only focus in math this week, and extra work at home would be great.

Math- Quiz Friday
Science- Quiz Friday
English- Spelling Test Thursday
Social Studies- Students will make a timeline of the American Revolution which will count as a test grade. We will do this on Friday.

No school next Monday! 

11/7- 11/11


It's a 4 day week this week! We have election day off on Tuesday. This is our test/quiz schedule for this week:
Social Studies- In class project that will count as a test grade
Friday- Math Test, Spelling Quiz, English Quiz

Spelling Words will be the names of the students in the class. I will not post that on the website, but the kids will come home with the list. 

10/31- 11/4

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween! 

Wednesday: Holes unit test
Thursday: Cells unit test- science
Friday: Spelling quiz, social studies- manifest destiny unit test

10/24- 10/28

This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here is the daily schedule for how students can dress:
Monday- Red Out Day, Uniform bottoms with red shirt and accessories
Tuesday- Hippie Day, Full uniform with hippie accessories
Wednesday- Twin Day, Uniform bottoms with any shirt to match your twin
Thursday- Team Up Against Drugs, uniform bottoms with jersey or team shirt
Friday- Power to Stay Drug Free, uniform bottom with superhero shirt and accessories

We had our first Tigerhood meeting last week! Everyone met their buddies and we had a great pizza party. Tigerhood is off to a good start!

Test schedule: Study guides will come home on Monday
Tuesday- Reading Quiz
Thursday- Spelling Quiz, Science Test
Friday- Math Quiz, Social Studies Test

Spelling words: wrap, knit, gnat, wrist, knot, wrote, knight, sign, knock, wreck 

10/10- 10/14

There is no school for students this Friday. It is a teacher work day.
Exam schedule:
Monday: Reading
Tuesday: English & Elective
Wednesday: S.S. & PE
Thursday: Math

I am having the students take exams, but they WILL NOT negatively affect their grades. I want them to have the experience of taking exams and understand what exams look like. Next quarter, exams will count for them. There will be no spelling test this week. There will also not be a social studies or science exam. One exam a day is enough work for our first round of exams.

10/3- 10/7

I hope everyone had a nice 3 day break!

This week's schedule:
Tuesday- Science Test, Division Quiz (Study guides came home last week.)
Wednesday- Hygiene Test
Thursday- Division vs. Multiplication Quiz, Spelling Quiz
Friday- Paragraph Test

9/26- 9/29
No school on Friday! I hope everyone has a relaxing three day weekend. I will be out on Thursday, but Ms. Julie will be at school. There is no spelling test this week. The plan for this week is to get everyone back on the same page. We have had a lot of absences lately, so a good deal of work needs to be made up by various students. We will be reinforcing the lessons already taught, retaking tests that students did not do well on, and learning new lessons in math and social studies. There will be a Study Skills test, Social Studies activity, and a math quiz on Thursday. 

9/19- 9/23

We had a great week last week! Here is the quiz schedule for this week:
Study Skills/ Life Skills: Food pyramid Quiz, Tuesday
Science: Food Web Quiz, Tuesday
English: Opportunity to retake capitalization quiz from last week, Tuesday
             Spelling Quiz- Friday
Math: Word Problem Test- Friday
Reading: Vocabulary Quiz- Thursday (Words are coming home today. There are only 8.)

Spelling words this week:
fail, bay, pail, ray, plain, tray, trail, May, braid, sway

9/12- 9/16

We've been busy, and it is hard to believe that we are half way through the first quarter! The students will have a number of tests/ quizzes this week. Other than spelling and part of reading, none of this will be new information. We worked on all of these topics for the past week, will review them for the first part of the week, and then we will have a few quizzes. Some of these quiz grades are actually activities, so they do not need to be studied for like a regular quiz.

Wednesday: Math Quiz- Simple multiplication and addition word problems
                    English Quiz- Capitalization Quiz
Thursday: Social Studies Quiz (activity)
                 Science quiz- Food web (Vocabulary came home last week, and they will bring home a foldable                  Monday.)
Friday: Reading Quiz- Point of view, Compare/Contrast 2 stories (This will consist of reading something                    we haven't read before, but I'm confident they will have a full understanding of the topics by                  Friday. This is one that I may push back, if they're overwhelmed.) 
            Spelling Test- Words are: wise, smoke, grade, smile, come, sneeze, escape, clap, crop, sick

 9/5/2016- 9/9/2016 Spelling Words: date, fine, rose, lake, life, home, safe, rice, globe, plane

8/22/2016- 8/26/2016

We're on to week 3. Last week, the kids took a couple of quizzes, and I will have my grade book updated by Wednesday. This is what our schedule looks like this week:
Tuesday: reading quiz
Thursday: study skills, spelling, and social studies quiz
Friday: math and English quiz

Spelling words: Short vowels
1. head  2. click  3. luck  4. shut  5. pond  6. cat  7. man  8. can  9. bathtub  10. anthill  

We are off to a great start, and the first week with your kids was awesome. I think we have a great mix of kids who can learn from each other and grow a lot this year. I'm very excited to teach all of them!

Please know that the kids will have a lot of quizzes and some tests, but I am very careful not to overwhelm them! If I feel like we've hit our breaking point for the day, I'll push a quiz back. I will also not give a test or quiz if I feel like the kids are not likely to do well. 

Here is our quiz schedule this week:
Wednesday- Life Skills Quiz: Procedures
Thursday- Spelling Quiz (We will have one every week, and I will list the words on the website.)
                 Math Quiz (This is the first quiz, so I will analyze scores and will probably let the kids retake                  on Friday, if they want.)
Friday- Reading Quiz: comprehension on what we've read and vocabulary (We're reading Holes.)
            English Quiz: writing a paragraph (This is a quiz grade, not a quiz format. We will write a                           paragraph daily.)
            Science- Scientific Method Quiz

Spelling words this week: Short Vowels
1. clap   2. crop   3. miss   4. step   5. snack   6. stamp    7. sick   8. mess   9. jump   10. rock

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome to the 2016/17 school year!

Please check this page frequently for class updates and news. I look forward to working with all of your children and think we will have a great year. Please contact me with any questions you might have. You can email me from the link on this page or call me at the school and leave a message. The school's number is 641-5914. I will return emails and phone calls as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Ms. Spilling