Contact Info

NAME: Caroline Roques Weeks

SCHOOL: Slidell Junior High

UNIVERISTY ATTENDED: University of Louisiana Lafayette for Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Art Education; Southeastern LA University for Masters in Educational Leadership; Southeastern LA University for Doctorate in Educational Leadership


About Mrs. Weeks

I have been teaching at Sidell Junior High for 15 years.
I am married to a former LSU football player.
I have a 4 1/2-year old son.
I live in Mandeville, LA.
I am currently working on my doctorate in Educational Leadership at 
Southeastern Louisiana University.


 Grades are determined using a rubric. Effort, participation, and execution 
are all factored into the grading process.

 I rarely assign a grade of 100%, because perfection is not achievable, in 
Art. Art is subjective. 

 Each student enters with a unique ability level in this class. My grading 
practices are an attempt to level the playing field for all students. So just 
because they can or cannot draw well, does not determine their performance 
ability in the class.