Welcome to 3W

Our MCAS days are full of fun....planning parks with partners!
Click here for more photos of the group work.
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Check out this upcycling video for some inspiration!
What can you create using recyclables?

.....Your task is to give recyclables a new purpose.....  

  • Your invention should include a title (what is it?), your name, and the purpose of the creation explained (one paragraph).
  • You may use additional supplies (glue, tape, etc.), but a recyclable (or more than one recyclable) should be the primary material(s).
  • Your invention should be no taller or wider than 2 ft. (depth less than 1 ft.)
  • Bring your creation to school on or before Friday, May 6th.
  • You should enjoy this project while using creativity!

Check the back pocket of kids' green folders for our weekly "SPECIALS" schedule.