We are 3W.....

Our Pilgrim journey is about the begin!  Our Crossing will take place on Friday November 4.  

Third graders will soon embark on a reenactment of the Pilgrims’ journey and their first year at Plymouth Colony. During our social studies time over the next six weeks, the students will work together in colony groups. Together they will work through similar hardships, and make difficult decisions just like the early Pilgrims of Massachusetts. We have been studying the Wampanoag culture and will learn how it compares to the Pilgrim peoples'. 

To help your child feel a part of his/her colony we encourage each child to bring in one old article of clothing to wear during our Pilgrim activities. This piece of clothing will help them to look and feel like a Pilgrim! Consider sending an old tattered shirt, hat/cap/bonnet, shawl or a piece of cloth to wear over the shoulders, an apron, etc. Children will simply put this ‘costume’ on over their regular school clothes. *NO need to buy anything! Please send the piece of clothing to school in a plastic bag with your child’s name on it on/before 11/2/16. 

Our Literacy Parade projects are moving along well!  

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Sample project.

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Please send a labeled water bottle and Nut-Free snacks for your child.