Teacher Classroom Assignments


      In order to better serve families of students receiving reading 
services,classroom assignments are listed below.  If you have a question or 
concern related to reading services, the name of the reading
specialist is provided next to your son/daughter's classroom teacher. 
Feel free to contact the reading specilaist at (508)543-1650 
                                     ext. 137 for Mrs. Greeley
                                     ext. 151 for Mrs. Zechello.

                  Mrs. Wainrib/Greeley                  
                  Mrs. Cronin/Zechello
                  Mrs. Muirhead/Greeley

                  Grade 1
                  Mrs. Pacitti/ Greeley
                  Ms. Sherlock/ Greeley
                  Mrs. Fuller/ Greeley

                  Grade 2
                  Ms. Germain/Zechello
                  Mr. Lacerda/Zechello
                  Mrs. Light/Zechello
                  Grade 3
                  Mrs. Guerino/Zechello          
                  Mrs. Way/Zechello
                  Mrs. Washburn/Zechello

                  Grade 4