It was a pleasure having a chance to conference with so many of you last week. Please email me if you were unable to make the conference days so that we can schedule one for December.

The students have been busy typing their realistic fiction stories. I can't wait to view the final product. These will be coming home in December so that you get a chance to read the wonderful writing the students have done. Please return these so that I can keep them for their writing portfolio at the end of the year. Next we will begin writing an opinion piece in which the students form their own thesis and use details to support their claim.

In reading, the students have really enjoyed The Tiger Rising, another book by Kate DiCamillo. The students have been using their own experiences and memories to help them empathize with the character in the story. The students are also using this to help them make predictions about how the character may act in particular situations. The students have even practiced acting like the characters while rereading chapters to help them really "walk in the character's shoes." Once we finish this book we will begin our study of Nonfiction.

In math, the students just completed an assessment on perimeter and area. They are now working on two digit multiplication. It is important to have your student continue to practice the multiplication and division facts to 12 every night. This will help him/her have more success when solving more challenging math problems. Remember to check out the new math website, Prodigy math, for a way for your student to practice math at home.

The students have begun their study of the Life of Animals in science. Luckily, the students have their very own class pet to help them observe how some animals change over time. The students have also been very busying preparing their science portfolios.

We are almost finished with our study of the Northeast. I have been impressed with the questions and the discussions that we have about the sites that we have visited so far. Be sure to ask your student where we have visited and what he/she has learned so far. Next, we will move south to learn about the Southeast.

Check out the new website under my Links page, Dance Mat Typing. This is a great way to practice typing skills!

Upcoming Dates:

December 23rd Holiday Party

December 24th-January 4th Winter Break

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Tissues, tissues, tissues!

Thank you!

Miss Lytle