The students are participating in March Madness Poetry.  We are looking at several of the poem match-ups in school and voting as a class for our favorite poem.  The students are welcome to check out this website on their own and vote for their favorite poem.


I can’t believe how much snow we have gotten in the last week! 

The students have been writing an opinion piece in which the students form their own thesis and use details to support their claim. They will be writing a strong introduction that hooks the reader and states their thesis this week. 

In reading, we have begun our study of nonfiction texts.  We have been working on “revving” our minds up for reading by looking at the nonfiction features and thinking about what we expect the text to be about before we read it.  Some of these nonfiction features are headings, captions, bolded words, table of contents, glossary, charts, diagrams, etc.  The students have also been working on understanding the theme (author’s message) of the fiction work that they are reading. 

In math, the students are finishing up the unit on long division.  It is good practice for the students to continue practicing solving these types of problems.  Next the students will begin the unit on fractions.  Some key vocabulary words for this unit are fraction, denominator, numerator and equivalent. 

The students have put a lot of hard work into their animal projects and the presentations so far have been great!  Next, the students will study Earth Systems (weather) in science. 

We have finished our tours of the Southeast and the Midwest. The students have enjoyed virtually visiting the different sites that these regions have to offer and learning about the climate, economy and geography in these regions.  Next, we will begin our study of the Southwest. 

Upcoming Dates:

February 13th : Valentine’s Day Party (The students are welcome to make valentines for everyone in the class if they wish to). 

February 14th-February 22nd : February Vacation

March 3rd: Book Project Due

March 23rd, 25th, 27th : ELA PARCC

March 30th & April 1st: Math PARCC

Wish List:

Tissues, tissues, tissues!

Thank you!

Miss Lytle