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The students have been working very hard throughout October and I am really impressed with the the work that they have been producing, both through writing and the oral discussions that they have been having.   We are almost finished reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo and the students have been making many inferences about how Edward is feeling as well as the other characters in the book.  The students are also working with reading groups to have a discussion about the text that they read.   Many students are reading works by Patricia Polacco because not only are the students able to make connections between common themes in the books, they are also using the texts as mentor texts for their writing.  The students are busy writing their realistic fiction stories.  They have been working on drafting their stories one scene at a time, taking time to show instead of tell what is happening in their story.  This is definitely a creative group of students and I can't wait to read the final products!  We are about to begin our study of the Northeast region of the United States.   The students will be virtually visiting different sites in the Northeast to learn about the climate, history, culture and economy of this region.  

Next door in Mr. G.’s room the students just finished up a unit on place value.  The students are now learning about geometry, with a focus on angles and lines.  It is important that the students continue to practice their multiplication and division facts every night so that they will become more fluent when solving problems involving these facts.  Check out the web-sites on both Mr. G’s and my web-site for some ways to practice these facts.  In science, the students are still studying electricity.    

-Miss Lytle

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