As you all must know, the children will be taking the Massachusetts
Comprehensive Assessment System Tests this spring. The dates have
been  scheduled for:

Long Composition- March 18th

ELA MCAS Tests - March 25th & 26th
                     Two test days during this time frame

Math MCAS Tests - May 14th & 15th
                  Two test days dring this time frame

It is important that your child gets a good night's rest and eats a good
breakfast. It is also important that your child attend school on the
scheduled dates. While make-up dates are possible to arrange, make-ups are
not usually under optimal conditions, so please try to avoid any absence. If
a child misses a make-up date, the child will score a zero for the
particular test missed.

It is important for them to feel a sense of respect for the MCAS tests and a
motivation to do their best.