Great Math Links

NEW!!!  Our new K-5 math program ThinkMath! has an activity site 
development so keep checking for new items.  The glossary is 
ThinkMath! site

Who's afraid of word problems?  Not you, if you check out this 
site.  This 
section of math playground has word problems for all grade levels.
MathPlayground Word Problems

SCHOLARSHIPS!  A chance to win grants for your school!  Prizes 
for answering 
weekly questions!  Participating in the MathMovesU weekly math 
contests is a 
great way to participate in Foxborough's SummerMath.
Math Moves U from Raytheon

***From addition and subtraction all the way to calculus, this is 
both a 
wonderful resource and a great practice site.  Hover over the 
shaded "answer" 
rectangle on the practice pages and the answer is shown.
The Math Page - A great practice and resource site

School districts all over the country are organizing websites 
that help support student learning.  This site, from Marston 
Mills, has a 
assortment of math skills practice sites already organized!
Incredible assortment of K-4 math skills sites

Do you know the card game SET?  Every day you'll find a new SET 
challenge on 
this site.  Excellent game for identifying attributes.

Math Explorations Campers Rebecca prefers the card game SET to 
this online 
game because you "can't put down new cards".  Ms. Ristuccia and 
Ms. Plate 
play the online game every day!
SET Game

These free games are available to all, but to access all the 
games on this 
site there is a fee.  We are not advocating paying the fee, but 
these free 
activities are worthwhile.
Math Games

This site gives suggestions as to how to remember multiplication 
through patterns.
Multiplication facts

Having trouble remembering certain multiplication facts?  Ask 
your teacher 
for ideas or check out naturalmath above.
Multiplication flashcards

Fun math activities and games.  For practice with number facts, 
check out 
Line Jumper, Math Baseball and Number Crackers.

Math Explorations Campers tried this site and had these 
comments:  "Awesome" 
(Cameron); "mathcar racing was a fun math game" (Thomas); Pig 
toss is funny 
and excellent" (Nick), "You can choose the difficulty level by 
(Blaine), "Fun - but some are hard" (Caitlin), "Worth playing" 
and "Great" (Matthew).

Sponsored by PBS, these are great math games.

Math Explorations Campers tried this site and had these 
comments: "Railroad 
repair has good instructions, easy to redo if you make a mistake" 
(CJ); "Railroad repair was hard, but fun" (Cayla), "Vortex 
required quick 
thinking" (Chelsea)

Organized by grade and concept, you'll find lots of math 
activities and 
practice here.
AAA math

On-line activities for grades K-12 sponsored by the National 
Council of 
Teachers of Mathematics.  Click on "Activities"
Math tools from NCTM

Choose the grade level you wish to find activitiesfor.Takes a bit 
of work to 
learn, but very worthwhile.
Interactive Activities

Math Cats - lots of interesting math information, cute graphics.

Math Explorations Camper Amanda tried this site and said this 
site is "Fun.  
It has both easy and challenging math."

Krypto requires some skill with all 4 operations.  Grade 4 and up.
Krypto - great for number sense.

Wonderful, large site full of diverse problems.
Figure This!

Designed to build problem-solving skills, Education Place's Brain 
is updated weekly for grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. Hints are provided 
that help 
with problem-solving strategies. Check back for the solution the 
Eduplace Brain Teasers

Wonderful, short number sense activities!  Graphics are great.
Math Studio

Your teacher needs to create an ID and password for you to access 
the online 
textbook and activities.  Just ask if you don't have one.
Grade 7/8 math textbook

This site has a variety of online math and science tests, 
including a sample 
of the International TIMSS test reported on regularly in the 
news.  You will 
be graded!
TIMSS test and others

Don't let fractions interfere with the development of your math 
This site makes fractions visual and understandable.  Be sure to 
out "Where's Grampy" and the other games.

There are many sudoku sites on the web but this one is great for 
sudoku.  It has a "check" button that you can use any time as you 
through the puzzle.

It takes a few minutes to figure out how this java program 
works.  Click 
twice to "lift" the pen.  Fun!
Play with symmetry

A page that connects to many more math links.
Kathy Schrock's Educator's Guide to math links

Math Tools from the Math Forum

Organized by grade bands, these are short but meaningful 
Virtual Manipulatives

Mastermind - A great problem solving game.

Challenge yourself to end with one peg in the very center!
A Hi-Q Type Game

Another Classic game - Scramble the numbers, then slide them back 
until they 
are in order.
15 Slide Puzzle

Choose the level of Sudoku you would like to play!

Like Sudoku, Kakuro challenges your number sense.  This site lets 
you check 
the solution at any point while you're working on the solution.
Daily on-line Kakuro puzzle

An archive of Kakuro puzzles that must be printed out plus a new 
Kakuro puzzles to print

Logic and Spatial Accuity are challenged in this game.  Try it.

Math Explorations Campers tried this site and had these 
comments: "Really 
cool.  First-timers should start at beginner" (Ana); "Hard, but 
Computer is better than the actual game.  Pieces are easy to 
(Shane); "Wonderful" (Jams); "Fun and easy" (Claire)
Rush Hour Logic Game

Change the game board size and level of challenge.

Another sudoku site - play online or print out the puzzles!

Play baseball while practicing your math facts.  More fun than 
flashcards but 
just as helpful!
Math facts baseball

Need to review how to add integers or divide fractions?  Review 
it all here.
Math Concepts Review Site

NEW SITE:  Sorted by grade level, these quick math games are 
really fun.
Math games by grade level

Challenging toothpick games.

Math Explorations Campers Micah and Harry tried this site and 
found the 
directions unclear so here's a little more information.  You 
can't "play" 
these puzzles on the computer.  You have to try them with paper 
and pencil.

Find help with grade 6 - 12 mathematics.  It's like having a 
textbook online 
for each grade.
Grade 6-12 math help

Major PreAlgebra Content Review & Practice

Simple and fun games - and a GREAT SUDOKU
Check out Math and Money and the Games

Try lots of these games...the more the better!  For grades 3-6.

Can you increase the number of problems you can solve in one 
minute?  Try!  
Ask your teacher for suggestions on remembering any problems you 
getting wrong
Timed Math Test

Grades 3 and up will enjoy everything on this site, younger 
children will 
have to pick and choose�Remember the game SIMON?  TETRIS?  It�s 
all here.  
Be sure to do the word problems found in Grand Slam, Hoops and 

NEW!  Learn multiplication tables while visiting outer space