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Señora Hamilton


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Course Description, Goals and Highlights

In Level 1A & 1B Spanish, students will have opportunities to develop vocabulary and grammar skills based on contexts related to daily living.  By the end of the year, students will be able to understand and communicate about many topics including daily routines, greetings and farewells, descriptions, chores, food, clothes, autobiographical information, numbers, colors, dates, time and weather. Students will become more aware and gain knowledge of the culturally diverse Spanish-speaking world to develop insight into the nature of language and culture.  This will allow the students to become:  Academic Achievers, Effective Communicators, Critical Thinkers, and Responsible Citizens.

When you walk into my class, you will be entering a world where we try and make the  focus language Spanish.  This will be a fun experience and it will contribute to your ability to understand and speak more Spanish in a shorter period of time.  Do not be afraid to make mistakes—everyone will make lots of mistakes.   You will be surprised by how well you are able to survive in a Spanish-speaking environment.




  • Respect others in the class and their right to learn.  Respect the property of other students, as well as the school’s/teacher’s property. Respect their time and opportunity to learn. Avoid using profane language.
  • Arrive on time, and be prepared for class.  You are expected to have your textbook, workbook, notebook and writing utensil ready.  The classroom tardy policy will be enforced.
  • Eating, drinking (except water), chewing gum, personal grooming and use of electronics and cell phones are not permitted during class time. Failing to comply with this expectation will result in “lunch/after school detention” and items taken away.
  • Your full attention and active participation are expected to be your priorities during the entire class period.  Part of this expectation includes bringing your book, notebook, folder, pen/pencil and legible homework.
  • Follow all student responsibilities. Please refer to the The Student/Parent Handbook is also available online.
  • Upon returning from an absence you are expected to be prepared to participate in the day’s activities.  You are also encouraged to use the class website. You may also email the teacher to request an update on the class material you will miss. You are responsible for obtaining missed assignments.  Check with your teacher, classmates or assigned area.
  • Daily participation in class activities is paramount to maximum learning. Students are encouraged to speak Spanish as much as possible as this facilitates language acquisition.
  • All unexcused missed work will receive a grade of “0”.  
  • You are strongly encouraged to get your body costumed to scheduled visits to the restroom during the school day. These visits should take place before and after classes. Minimizing class interruptions benefits everybody’s learning. You must ask permission to leave the classroom.  There is also a sign in and out form.
  • Any student caught copying/cheating or giving another student there work any form will get an “0”. 

Homework and/or Classwork:

  • Is assigned on a daily basis.  It serves to reinforce the day’s lesson. 
  • Students will use a “Spanish Folder” for your hand-outs, quizzes/tests, and other Spanish related papers which will be kept in class. I


Student performance is evaluated regularly.  Grades are also available online.

· Homework: workbooks, worksheets

· Participation: class work, communicative activities, warm up activities, being on task.

· Performance: formally and informally assessed, oral interviews, presentations, projects.

· Tests and Quizzes: tests, quizzes, (vocabulary quizzes, workbooks and other assessments)

· Workbooks:  Pages are assigned by me as we go along.  Students are not to go ahead unless told by me. (no credit given if caught).  We do them in class if not finished with page assigned they are expected to finish it at home.  All pages assigned are to be completed in Spanish and then translated into English in the workbook NOT on a separate sheet.  Once a page is assigned I expect it to be done.  We go over every page in the workbook.  In order to receive credit for a page it has to be 100% done (answered & translated).  They count as quizzes and test grades as well.




Grade Distribution

90% - 100% …... A                60% - 69% ……. D

80% - 89% ……. B                 59% - below …... F

70% - 79% ……. C


Spanish Only!

The spoken language in this class is Spanish. Of course, you will not be able to express yourself in Spanish as you do in English. Do not let that frustrate you.  Simplify what you want to say!  The following expressions will be useful:


No entiendo.    I don’t understand.                  ¿Qué quiere decir….?  What does. . .mean?

Tengo una pregunta.  I have a question.        Más despacio, por favor.  Slower, please.

¿Cómo se dice. . .?  How do you say…?                    Repita, por favor.  Repeat it, please.

¿Puedo ir al. . . ? May I go to the ….?            ¿Puedo sacarle punta a mi lapiz? May I sharpen my pencil?

Secrets to Success.

*Have a positive attitude and enjoy the language!

*When you study, practice aloud (even with your pet!)

*Do not only sit at a desk to study!  Speak Spanish as you walk around school and at home.

*When possible, study with a “responsible” classmate.  Exchange your phone number with students in class.  It helps in case of absences or forgotten assignments.

*Watch TV programs and listen to the radio in Spanish.

*Read different materials in Spanish.

*Make sure you keep an organized backpack/folder, book, workbook, notebook, and planner. If taking organized notes is a difficult task, think about rewriting your notes after school: this is an excellent way to review what you learned during the day, and prepare for tests.

Note:   The Workbook the student has been issued is his/hers to keep. A replacement fee of $10.00 will be charged for a new one. The textbook must be covered and labeled/marked with the student’s name. I highly recommend using grocery store paper bags as a strong covering material. Please make sure you do not use any adhesive material on the text; this can be used to stick paper on paper, not paper on book.

is taken at the beginning of each class. At this time you are expected to be in your seat and ready to begin class. You are expected to have the following ready: Folder, TEXT BOOK, WORKBOOK, Binder/Notebook, Pen (blue/black) or pencil only for tests only.  Red pen for correcting. Spanish/English dictionary


CLASSROOM CONDUCT:  **ONLY ONE PERSON SPEAKS AT A TIME. (Raise your hand and wait to be called on).  **RESPECT & CONSIDERATION TO YOUR TEACHER & CLASSMATES IS IMPERATIVE.  **Your refusal to behave accordingly will result in detention and/or conference with your parent/guardian. Cell phones are not allowed unless I give permission.  If caught using any electronic devices item may be taken away and given to office as well as detention.

 ACADEMICS Assignments are reviewed in school. Assignments must be completed and returned in on time. No credit for homework that is turned in late. It is the students responsibility to see me for work/tests/quizzes missed due to any class absence within 5 days. Students may be requested to make extra corrections on tests as homework.           

 GRADING:  Classroom participation, workbook, homework, projects, quizzes & test are all used in determining your grades. Besides tests and quizzes,workbooks are collected at anytime at teachers discretion.  Once a page is assigned I expect it to be done.  Workbooks are graded as either a test or a quiz grade. To get credit for your workbook each page has to be 100% completed & translated in order to get credit for that page if not you will receive a 0. Most work is done and reviewed in class if not completed it is expected that they finish at home. TEST60% AND QUIZZES/WORKBOOKS/EVERYTHING ELSE UNLESS SPECIFIED 40%. 

 EXTRA HELP:  I am afterschool on Tuesdays.  Please see me if you need any help or if any other arrangements need to be made.




Text: Paso a paso 1


Señora Hamilton


I have fully read and understand the expectations for Señora Hamilton’s Spanish class. 


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