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Welcome to 8th Grade Mathematics! I am so excited to get to know each and every one of you and begin our journey together. My goal for you is GROWTH. Wherever you currently are in terms of who you are as a learner, I want to work with you to improve and grow, and for you to experience and feel progress by pushing yourself to embrace the hard work that learning and getting smarter takes.
March Update:Students finished up their work with Functions: Representing, Comparing, and Writing Functions. We are now working on our fifth unit, The Real Number System! We have lots of work ahead of us and as always, I am here everyday during lunch and after school for help. We will be moving onto Exponents and Scientific Notation next.

Let's do this!!!


Please take time to look through my website to see what helpful resources, links and information you can find here. It is a good idea to bookmark this site on your home computer for easy access.