Science and Math Links

Read the questions carefully and click on the correct label for 
the plant part.
Plant Part Quiz

This has good information about how plants grow, make their own 
food, reproduce and adapt to the 
environment.  Be sure to click on the links on the left side of 
the page.
Biology of Plants

Click on the link to "LIfe Cycles", then choose life cycle, 
flower parts, or seed dispersal.
Plant life cycle

Thinking of being an astronaut?  This is the site for you!
NASA for Kids

A great site for any mathematician from age 5 to 100

Sally Ride, the first woman in space, formed this club for girls 
in science. 
The site is very cool
Sally Ride Club

Science News for Kids
Science News for Kids

Information about animals, animal classification, and animal 
adaptations that
will come in very handy during our October ecology unit.
Animal Planet

More animal stuff
National Geographic Creature Feature

Animal teeth
BBC educational site/ teeth

Math Club Activity: Coloring maps
4 Color Map Activity

moon photographs, phases, and other moon info
imagiware moon information

All about the moon
All about the moon

Fraction Activities: You can reach this site through Curriculum 
Click on Math, then Illuminations, then type the word fractions 
into the
search box.  You can also click on this link:
NCTM Illuminations Fractions Activities

Meteorology lessons and information from the University of 
Urbana/Champaign.  (Go here if you need information about fronts, 
storms, water cycle, or clouds.)
Online Guide to Meteorology

This is a good place to get information about
weather and weather forecasting.
Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page

Studying hurricanes?  This is the place to go...
Miami Museum of Science Hurricane Information

Tornado information
Tornado Project

Coral Reef stuff
Tour a coral reef

The Global Warming Debate: This site has good suggestions for 
information on global warming to the class.  Be sure to look at 
all the pages
including the assignment page.
Weather Eye Global Warming

All about lightning!
Weather Eye Lightning

Go here to find predictions, detailed maps, satellite 
photographs, and lots 
National Weather Service

Edhead Weather Predicting Activities

Weather Eye: Mrs Figgerbottom's weather lessons
Weather Eye

We will use this activity in our study of geometric solids.
Geometric Solids

This is a fun puzzle involving puzzles and involves some 
recursion.  Have fun!
Towers of Hanoi

weather web quest

Color in all the multiples of three in Pascal's triangle.
Pascal's Triangle Multiples

Our Glogs will help you learn all about weather instruments and 
other weather facts as well.
Weather Project

Nova: Is there life on Mars?

Nova Science Now: Will We Get to Mars?

Mars Suit Design

planets for kids

Updates surface wind speed and direction for the US every hour
Wind Art