Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm writing today with some information regarding our upcoming Living Wax Museum and our Field Trip to Boston's Freedom Trail:

1. Living Wax Museum: Please note that the Rough Draft of your child's Speech is due TOMORROW, Wednesday, June 11thEvery student needs to have his/her speech typed into a Google Document by TOMORROW, so that I can make edits during the remainder of this week and over the weekend if necessary. I have given quite a bit of time in class to work on this, but due to our very hectic schedule, there will be *very limited* (if any) time in class for your child to type his/her speech during the remainder of the week! I realize that I am sending this at 5:30 in the evening, and there is a Band Concert tonight, so your child may work on this tomorrow night (Wednesday night) if necessary. I just ask that your child share his/her speech with me (via Google Docs) by this coming Thursday, June 12th!

In addition, I'd like to remind you that your child needs to bring his/her
entire costume and any props that he/she will be using during the Living Wax Museum presentation to school on Monday, June 16th so that we can have a "dress rehearsal!"

Here are the
due dates that I previously sent via NewsFlash:

Rough Draft of Speech due: Wednesday, June 11th.

Final Draft of Speech due: Friday, June 13th.
Costume and props brought into school by: Monday, June 16th.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions about the requirements for this project, and I am happy to provide more details.

2. Field Trip to Boston's Freedom Trail: this Thursday, June 12th 

Mrs. Perpall sent a Field Trip Checklist home with your child last weekend, and I will be going over it with all of the students tomorrow during school. I am also including it here for you* and your child to use tomorrow night in order to help your child prepare for this field trip.

*Chaperones who will be joining us on Thursday should pay particularly close attention to this list, since there are items that apply to you directly!*

Field Trip Checklist

Freedom Trail Trip, Boston

Day: Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time: 8:00 (Buses leave at 8:15 AM)


  • In a small backpack, you will need to bring:
    • A bag lunch and snack – no glass bottles
    • A water bottle
    • Small umbrella or rain jacket (if needed)
    • Up to five dollars (optional)
  • Dress for the weather. This is a rain or shine event.
  • Wear very comfortable walking shoes (i.e. sneakers). No flip flops or loose shoes are allowed.
  • You may bring up to $5. You may not bring any more money.
  • NO electronics are allowed, except for a camera.
  • You may bring a camera, but it is your responsibility to keep track of it. Teachers and chaperones will not be carrying anything for students.
  • Be at school by 8:00 and report directly to your classroom. The buses will be leaving promptly.
  • If one of your parents is chaperoning, make sure he or she has a driver’s license, a cell phone, and a lunch.
  • Your ride home from school is secured. We return at 3:15.
  • Remember that you are an ambassador for Holliston, for Miller School, and for your family. We expect exemplary behavior.

3. If your child has successfully completed the French Reading Incentive, he/she may join us for a Pizza Party at Stoddard Park on June 17th! Your child needed to read 3 French books (in addition to his/her "Book Report Book"), and complete 3 Finished Book Forms, making a total of 4 French books. The due date for completing the French Reading Incentive was Monday, June 9th.

4. Just a few additional reminders: Since it is now the month of June, I will no longer be giving the French Reading Log that I have been assigning over the weekends for French reading. We have enough going on with the Living Wax Museum and other end of the year projects, so that type of homework will not be given for the last two weekends! 

     All of the 5th grade French Immersion students have now completed their last French Spelling Test! I will not be giving any more French Spelling Tests this year! Bien fait, tout le monde! 

Feel free to call or e-mail anytime with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!


Mme Zenowich
508-429-0667 x3122


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