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HW English 9

Fri, 10/23:  Answer the following prompt:  What does the opening chapter of 
Of Mice and Men illustrate about George and Lennie's relationship?

Wed, 10/7: Bring the lyrics to a favorite song to class.  be able to identify 
three of the elements of poetry in the song.  Also, complete the imagery 
section from the poem we analyzed in class on Monday.  (It's the only section 
we did not complete in class.)

Thursday, Sep 24:  Complete an open response paragraph to the question at the 
bottom of 690 in your text.  

Monday, Sept. 21:  Answer the question "Who is your hero?" in one open-
response paragraph of at least six sentences. Also, complete four "Bailey-
style" flashcards for the other four vocabulary words from the story "Like 
the Sun".  The words are found at the bottom of pages 219-221.

Thursday, 9/10:  sign in to blogger and go to a friend's blog page.  The 
links are on my page under "Blog Links".  Under comments, offer two pieces of 
praise, and two notes of constructive criticism about their internal 

Wed, 9/9:  Survey and read "The Open Window" on p. 183, and complete a 
plotline graphic organizer.  Also, be sure to complete the internal monologue 

Thursday, 9/3:  Complete the elements of fiction sheet by Tuesday.

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