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HW Essay Writing

Mon, Sep. 21:  Rewrite of "The Dozen" due tomorrow.  First draft of personal 
essay (My Generation) is due on Tuesday, Sep. 29.

Fri, 9/11:  Complete the Thesis Statements and Essay Prompts exercise.  Blogs 
are due to be posted by Tuesday of next week.  Also, post your "Dozen" 
assignment to your blog.

Wed, 9/9:  Complete sections 2 and 3 of the thesis worksheet handed out in 
class today.  Don't worry about the back side (Thesis Statements and Essay 
prompts) for now.

Tuesday, Sep. 8:  Read p. 5-14 in WTTP, and complete the Discuss and Act 
questions on p. 14.

Thursday, 9/3: Read your new text, Write to the Point, to page five.  Please 
write a few sentences about the collected quotes on page x.  What does the 
collection say about good writing?  Also, complete the "Discuss" questions on 
page five, and answer "Act" question #1 only. (It has several parts.)

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