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HW Eng 9-1 CP

Homework is posted daily in class. If a student is absent, he/she may 
contact a classmate for any missing work.
Do not rely on this site as your sole source for homework assignmentS.This is 
for verification of assignments given in class and/or the purpose of allowing 
absent students access to that information. It may not always be up to date, 
and it is part of the responsibility of the student to have recorded the 
assignment in class.
 Vocabulary Lesson exercises due every Wednesday
 Vocabulary quiz every Friday

 A PEN , blue or black is required for all tests, quizzes, and assignments 
tobe handed in for 
1 - Quizlet is a good place to store flashcards for review and practice- Once 
you type in the words and meanings, the site will set upgames for you to play 
as practice. Exercises for this lesson are due on Tuesday, Jan. 29.
For Monday-Answer the questions in the packet handed out to you for the short 
story"Lather and 
Nothing Else"

For Wednesday, January 29th- Write an 11 sentence paragraph using the topic 
sentence: In the short story, "Lather and Nothing Else" the baraber's enemy, 
Captain Torres is very confident and brave. You may alter this sentence to 
suit your support.The following sentences in the paragraph should consist of
three concrete details from the text that are integrated into your own writing
and are each followed by two sentences of commentary. The paragrpah will end 
with a concluding sentence. Use the handout as your first draft.Type this, 
double spacing, using font 12. Begin reading " The Black Cat."

For Thursday1, /30/13
Read "The Black Cat" and answer the questions in the colored rectangles 
boxes. Also complete 
the grammar handout on fragments and run one.

Read "Open Window" page 184 and then answer the questions 1-5 a&b page 188. 

For Wednesday 2/5/13 - Read the handout on the apartheid of South Africa. Be 
prepared to discuss what 
this meant for the Afrikkaners(white South Africans) and the native Africans.

For Thursday 2/6/13 Read the story " The Moment Before the Gun Went Off" and 
answer the questions in the packet 1-5 a&b.

For Friday 2/7/13 Readthe story " The Necklace" and answer the questios 1-5 
a&b. Quiz on apostrophes!

For Tuesday 2/12/13 Read "Like the Sun". We will do the questions together in 
class. Vocabulary 
sheet for vocabulary from "The Necklace" and "Like the Sun" will be due 
Wednesday. Quiz on 

For Thursday- Please fill in your literary term packet with the terms we have 
gone over  with the short stories. If you haven't written them in as we have 
gone along, take some time to fill in those definitions now. They are defined 
in the purple/blue margin along the stories as well as in a glossary at the 
end of the book. We will have a quiz on the vocabulary on Friday.

For vacation week. Read chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men, and answer the 
questions for chapter 1 in 
the packet. Test on short story unit on Tuesday after vacation.

For TUESDAY 2/26/13 TEST on Short Story Unit. Review "Like the Sun" and
"The Moment Before the Gun Went Off" for paragraph on the truth.
Bring your Of Mice and Men books for reading if you finish your test early. 

2/27 Wednesday read chapter two in Of Mice and Men and answer questions for 
chapter 2.

2/28 Thursday fill out the character chart for the characters. You need to 
give a description and 
then select two quotes that further reveal what those characters are like and 
finally decide what 
the character is searching for in life. What is his/ her goal? What do they 

For Friday, 3/1/13 do the vocabulary sheets for chapter 1 Of Mice and Men. 
Please find the 
definition of the words using a dictionary, and write an original sentence. 
After you have done this 
go back and find those words in the book and record the sentence as it is 
used in the book. The 
words are given in the order in which they appear in the book. 

for Monday, 3/4/13 Have read chapter 3 in Of Mice and Men and answer the 
questions. Do the first page front and back of the packet on pronouns( 
personal and possessive).

For Wednesday 3/6/13 Have finished reading chapter 5 in Of Mice and Men and 
answer the questions. ( B period-do both sides in the pronoun packet for 
indefinite pronouns)

Quiz on Friday for vocabulary words 1-11
Character Dream poster due on Monday 3/11

For Friday 3/8/13 Quiz on 11 vocabulary words. Look up quotations and 
evidence for your 
Dream poster to work with your partner. Posters are due on Monday. Effort and 
care must be 
evident for this assignment. Use Google docs to share and comment on one 
another's findings.
TEST for OF MICE AND MEN on Tuesday.

SNOW DAY FRIDAY MARCH 8- I will extend the due date for the project to 
TUESDAY, March12, 
same day as the TEST.

For Tuesday 3/12/13 TEST on Of Mice and Men. Use your study packet and the 
quote sheet for review.
 Posters on Character Dreams due as well.

3/14 for Monday do all the exercises for unit 4 vocabulary.

3/18 Read pages 1-13 if you have The Odyssey book. Vocabulary quiz will be on 
Friday 3/22

3/20 Pronoun sheet . Bring your Odyssey book to class tomorrow. We will also 
be working on your 
god and goddess research projects. Please bring your lap top.

Vocabulary and pronoun quiz . Finish your research on your god or goddess and 
share with me 
on google youngp@holliston.k.12.ma.us

3/25 Read over the Shakepeare packet  and review the terminology given out to 
you today.Be working on your journal entry for Thursday- Books 1-4. Check the 
assignment for more explicit instructions.

3/26 Period C- answer the questions in the Macbeth packet 1-3 for Act I, 
scene1&2. Journals for Books 1-4 of The Odyssey are due on Thursday. See the 
handout for directions.

3/27 Read Act I scene 3 over and answer the questions 1-6 Period B and 1-3 
and 3-6 period C. Journal entries on The Odyssey due. Books 1-4.

4/4 Answer questions for Macbeth Act II up to and including #12. B period 
Odyssey presenters! Portraits of either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth are due on 
Tuesday. Quiz on verbs on Monday.

4/8 Macbeth portraits due tomorrow. A drawing or picture of the head of 
either Lady or Macbeth showing the personality or emotional condition of them 
as you understand them to be i Acts I and II. Please give 5 quotations from 
the text which give support for the kind of personality you find. Make sure 
you label with a descriptive adjective ( eg. worried or courageous or cold).
And give the parenthetical citation of Act, scene, lines in parenthesis after 
the quote.

4/22 Act IV scenes iand ii. Answer the questions up to and including #9.

4/24 Odyssey chapters 13-16. Presentation by Rueben, Zack, Alina(B) Ashley, 
Eric, Jana(C). Answer questions for Act V which coincide with scenes i-iv.

4/25. PLEASE study for the Macbeth TEST ON MONDAY. Review the question 
packet, make sure you know who the speaker is for the quotations I gave you 
and what makes those words important, review all the notes on tragedy you 
took concerning what each Act represents, and the drama terminology on the 
reverse side. Tomorrow you will be given a sheet of review questions and then 
a summary of the play. Use these to help review the play. ALSO-hint, hint- 
think about what kind of person Macbeth is at the start of the play and what 
events prove that and then what he is like later in the play and what event 
support that!You should be in good shape.

4/29 Read the first chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird.

5/1 Read chapters 4 and 5 and answer the questions for those chapters. If you 
did not finish answering the questions for chapters 2 and 3 in class today 
that is ALSO homework for tonight. Odyssey is due on Friday.

5/2 Read chapters 6&7 in TKMB and answer the questions.
Vocabulary exercises are due on Tuesday for lesson 5.

5/7 Read chpater 11 for TKMB and answer the questions
5/8 Odyssey assignment. Study vocabulary for quiz Friday and make sure you 
have completed all 11 chapters of TKMB and answered the questions.

5/10 For Monday have ready to hand in two diary entries written from the 
viewpoint of Jem concerning the events in chapters 6 and again the events of 
chapter 7. Use the handout for requirements and format.

5/13 For Tuesday Read and answer the questions for chapter 12 in TKMB. 
Vocabulary lesson 6 exercises are due on Wednesday. The quiz will be Friday.

5/14 Read chapter 14, and review chapter 13 read to you in class today. 
Answer the questions for 
those chapters. There will be a quiz on these two chapters (do not worry 
about the origins of 
Maycomb in chapter 13). vocabulary exercises for lesson 6 are also due.

5/15 Read chapter 15 and answer the questions. Do the few exercises for the 
adverb packet.
Quiz on Friday for lesson 6 vocabulary.

Odyssey quiz for 12-24 will be on Tuesday, May 21st.

5/17 For Monday- Read chapters 17&18 and answer the questions. Finish the 
adverb sheet and review the Odyssey books 12-24 for assessment on Tuesday.

5/20 Review Odyssey chapters 12-24 for quiz. Read chapter 19 in TKMB. 
Vocabulary lesson 7 
exercises due on WEDNESDAY.

5/21 Read chapters 20 and 21, answer the questions, exercises for vocabulary 
lesson 7.

5/23 Read chapter 23 and answer the questions. Vocabulary quiz on Lesson 7 

5/24 Read chapters 24-27 and answer the questions. Keep in mind your 
character for the character tea with Aunt Alexandra on Friday. You need a 
memory box too so look around the house, the garage, the basement and find 
something that suits your character and his/her life at the time.You do not 
need to purchase anything. You can even create your own mementoes such as 
letters and postcards.

5/29 Make sure you have finished reading chapter 28 and have thoroughly 
answered the 
questions. B period needs to be ready for our "tea with Aunt Alexandra". You 
need your costume, 
memory box and written character analysis as well as your party offering. We 
will meet second 
period in room 606. 
finish the book for Friday.

6/12 Work on your 5 paragraph essay on Lesson learned DUE  FRIDAY JUNE 14th

22/9/12- Quiz on lesson 2 Vocabulary- STUDY. You may begin " The Moment 
the Gun Went Off"

2/14- READ " The Necklace"p 199. Answer the  lavendar questions in the text. 
There are 12- Expect a quiz! Vocabulary exercises for lesson 3 are due 
Wednesday. 2/15
Read Like the Sun and answer the questions. Vocabulary quiz for lesson 3 on 
3/6- Make sure you have READ chapters 1&2 in Of Mice and Men AND answered the 
questions in the packet
2/27- Read and answer questions for " The Enchanted Garden"- This was 
assigned over vacation. Lesson 4 in vocabulary has been introduced. 
We will finish discussing "Like the Sun" and begin "The Enchanted Garden" 
discussion. TEST on the short story Unit on Thursday- This will include all 
the short stories we have read as well as the literary terms.

2/28- Lesson 4 vocabulary exercises due. Make sure you bring your literary 
terms sheet with you to class. Thursday TEST on all the short stories and the 
literary terms. Reread any stories you either did not read or cannot remember.
3/6- READ chapters 1&2 and answer all the questions for those chapters in the 
packet. Lesson 5 vocabulary exercises due Wednesday.

3/7- Review the first two chapters of the book. we will have a quiz on those 
two chapters! We will also be going over the vocabulary lesson 5 exercises

3/8 lesson 5 vocabulary quiz. Read chapter 3 and answer questions for chapter 
3 from packet.

3/14- FINISH Of Mice and Men and COMPLETE the packet of questions. Vocabulary 
quiz 6 will be on MONDAY.

3/21- Read the first three chapters of The Odyssey.

3/21- reread the packet about Tularecito from Pastures of Heaven  and Frankie
from Cannery Row. Underline quotations that remind you of similarities 
between those characters and Lennie in Of Mice and Men. Record three you 
think are strong on the sheet in the packet provided.

3/26- Find two direct quotes for each character: Candy and Crooks- that shows 
that they are considered abnormal ( misfits) and something that lets us know 
what their feelings are. In each case it should demonstrate their need to 
belong. Lesson 7 in vocabulary exercises are due on Wednesday

3/28- From your outline- you must create this first if you have not. Write 
out the first two paragraphs for the shaping sheet- completed. Use the 
easiest body paragraph you have to write for this first one. 
Your introductory paragraph is going to mention all three 
books and end with your thesis sentence. You may use the sentence I wrote on 
the board or in the packet for Cannery Row and Pastures of Heaven as a basis 
for a thesis statement about how Steinbeck allows us to understand and 
sympathisize with the misfits in society.

3/29- Vocabulary lesson 7 quiz- Two more body paragraphs completed for 
tomorrow- Now you will have a total of 4 paragraphs written as a rough draft 
for Friday! You must be finished with these for Friday so that we can go to 
the writing lab next week! In totla there will be 6 paragrapghs in this essay-
 1- introduction 2, 3, 4, 5 body paragraphs:two for of Mice and Men-1 on 
Lennie and George or just Lennie and 1 on Candy and Crooks; one on Tularecito 
from Pastures of Heaven; one on Frankie from Cannery Row.The last paragraph 
is a conclusion.

4/3- All of the shaping sheet draft must be completed by Thursday when we 
will go to a writing lab for a completed draft of the Steinbeck paper. It is 
necessary that all the prewriting( the shaping sheet form) is complete as 
that is your rough draft. This means you have all the CD's and commentary 
properly integrated into paragraphs including page citations and proper 
transitions. It also means that now you have a completed introduction and 
conclusion. Please use the Steinbeck Paper Reminders sheet passed out today 
to check that you have all the necessary information. Lesson 8 in vocabulary 
will be due NEXT week. We will now be using class time to read Macbeth

4/9- Completed Essay due on Thursday- April 12th. There will be NO MORE CLASS 
TIME. Lesson 8 in Vocabulary exercises are due Wednesday. Macbeth scene ii(2) 
and questions 1-3 answered in the packet.BRING THE MACBETH BOOK TO CLASS.

4/12- Answer all the questions for Act I and scene I of  Act II. We will be 
reading Act II scenes 2,3,and 4. Macbeth portraits are due on Wednesday after 
vacation. Lesson 8 vocabulary quiz!

4/26-  Answer Act three questions through 1-6. 1.FINAL DRAFT of ESSAY- BRING 
ALL PARTS_2 editedDRAFT_3.SHAPINGSHEETS_ Vocabulary lesson 9 quiz 

4/27- answer all the questions for Act iii   Put all the events from the 
handout in the proper order.

4/30- Answer the questions for Act III, scene i. Using the paper I gave you, 
draw pictures of the 4 visions the witches give Macbeth. Under the three that 
have them, record VERBATIM the warnings spoken by the visions. Stick figure 
drawings are fine-color optional. Lesson 10 in Vocabulary due on Wednesday!

5/1- Exercises for Lesson 10 in vocabulary. Performances of Act III, scene 

5/10 make sure you have completed your Macbeth packet. We will have a TEST on 
Use the list of quotations to identify speakers and what is going on in the 

5/15- MACBETH TEST ON WEDNESDAY- review sheet should be answered completely. 
Notes on tragedy as well as terms for tragedy and quotatio sheet should be 
complete. Lesson 12 vocabulary lesson exercises DUE ON WEDNESDAY AS WELL. 
NO DSB tomorrow!

5/17/12- Quiz on lesson 12 in vocbulary. Read and answer the questions for 
chapters 2&3 of To Kill a Mockingbird. You have a packet and the additional 
page I passed out at the end of class which has quesrions for chapter 2 and 
the beginning of 3. New packets tomorrow.

5/18 Read chapters 4&5 and answer the questions in packet for those chapters. 
Use the To Kill a 
Mockingbird student survival guide if you have any trouble with vocabulary or 

5/22 read chapters 9 and 10 for To Kill a Mockingbird and answer the 
questions. Lesson 13 in 
vocabulary lesson exercises due. This is the last vocabulary lesson!

5/23 read chapter 11 and answer the questions. Diary entries(2) are due on 
Friday -25. If you 
came to class without your vocab, it must be completed for tomorrow- lesson 

5/25 read chapters 12,13,14 and answer the appropriate questions. Odyssey 
projects due on the 
first of June

5/30 read chapter 16 and answer the questions. Odyssey projects due 6/1 

6/1 Anyone without his/her Odyssey project today needs to have it for Monday 
or another 10 points will be deducted from the grade.
Read chapters 19 and 20 and answer the questions, making sure to compare Tom 
Robinson's story with Mayella's.

6/7 chapters 26, 27, 28 in TKMB and the answers to the questions in the 
packet. Odyssey test 

6/8- Finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird and answer the remaining questions 
in your packet. Start reviewing your vocabulary list for the exam. I will 
only be taking 20-25 words from that list. You have had them all and theyare 
all in Quizlet. There will be more questions on To Kill a Mockingbird on the 
exam than the other novels so make sure you know it.

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