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Short Fiction and Drama

 Fiction and Drama- Honors
Fall   2013
Course Description:
Students will read and analyze a variety of stories, a novella/long story, 
and several plays with emphasis on accurate comprehension as well as clear 
understanding of the author’s purpose, voice, point of view, style, and tone. 
Students will appreciate how an author presents his/her theme. Background on 
the author’s period and individual background will be covered as it pertains 
to the text. Reader’s response and author essays will be used as a basis for 
class discussion.
Students will expect to do reading assignments that may be as long as 35-40 
pages. Stories and plays are accompanied by questions designed to elicit 
thoughtful interpretation of the text. These will be assigned along with the 
reading and are expected to be completed   for the next class meeting.
Writing assignments of varying length will be in response to the literature. 
Technical writing constructions will be addressed as needed.
A two part culminating activity will be an analysis of a choice short 
story:   1) a card report of the story’s elements 2) an analysis essay of 
some aspect of the story.
Class Format and Procedures:
Discussion and written response will be the primary activities of the class. 
The completion of the reading assignments prior to discussion is essential. 
Class work will include individual and small group work, oral and visual 
presentation, quizzes announced and unannounced, essays and tests.
Homework assignments/projects:
Homework is assigned each night. Any written homework is due the following 
day unless otherwise stipulated. 
Short Term assignments:
Paragraph response
Discussion questions
Long Term assignments:
In depth analysis of choice story

Evaluation percentages
Quizzes                             20%    
Written responses                   15%

Essays                              50%            

Homework                            15%
Final exam                   20% of your final grade

Extra Help:
I am available  during DSB and after or before  school  with the exception of 
Fridays.  After or before school I will be in room 606.
Please contact me before you intend to come so that I can be sure to be 

Fiction and Drama Honors: This is a fast paced high-level course. Students 

will read and study a variety of short fiction and drama, analyzing the 

structure and form as well as character, theme, tone, and diction. A high 

level of reading comprehension is expected. Students will be expected to 

complete readings each night along with written responses to the text. 

Students will have the opportunity to write in a variety of genres, including 

a major analysis.  

It is expected that students bring the current reading assignment, 

text,notebook, and a pen to class each day. Participation is vital to useful 

and meaningful discussion. Written responses will vary in length from 

homework questions and short answer quizzes to more lengthy projects and 


Home work will be recorded here in hopes of keeping absent students up to 

date on missed assignments and for verification. It is not meant to be the 

sole reference for homework announced in class. It is expected that the 

classroom will be the primary site and  time to record the assignments. 


1/27 Act I scene 1 of The Merchant of Venice. Read and answer the questions.
This can be recorded on a google doc that you  add to as the assignments 

1/29 Act II scenes 1-5 and answer the questions.

1/31   Read Act III and answer 1-5 a&b as well as fill out the story map 
handed out in class.

2/4 Read Act VI page 141 to top of 161. answer the appropriate questions.

2/6 Read over Act V- no questions. Finish arranging the events of Act IV and 
answering the questions. Be prepared for a quiz on Act IV

2/11 Read pages 3- top of 8 in An Introduction to Literature and answer 
questions for those few stories. Be working on your essay on Merchant of 
Venice due Friday.

2/12/14 Read "Godfather Death" and answer questions handed out in class. 
Continue working on 
your merchant of Venice essay due on Friday. Remember you will need direct 
quotes, properly 
cited and a reference at the end of the essay stating the source of your 
citations ( or text book). 
reference MLA style on the internet for proper citations.

2/24 Read " Sonny's Blues" Be prepared to discuss " A Rose for Emily"

2/25 read the poem " The Weary Blues" and make annotations where you see 
connections to "Sonny's Blues". Look over the profile assignment.

2/26 Read " Why I Live at the P.O." and answer the questions. Profile of the 
narrator from "Sonny's Blues" is due on Friday.

2/27 Profiles of narrator from " Sonny's Blues"
2/28 Read " The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" answer the questions

3/3 Read " Everyday Use"- and answer the questions- quiz

3/4 Fill out the character chart with support for traits with evidence from 
the story. For Thursday choose one of the literary criticisms on the hand 
copy it onto a google doc and annotate it( make comments alongside it as you 
read connecting to your own understanding or exceptions the critics 
understanding. I would like you to post this in your portfolio but if this 
will not work then share it with me in google docs.

3/6 Read "Gimpel the Fool" and answer the questions

3/10 " Gimpel the Fool" paper due on Wednesday 3/12

3/11 Finish the "Gimpel the Fool" paper for Thursday. Read to page 24 in 
of a Salesman and answer the questions for those pages.

3/12 Read to page 51 and answer the questions.

3/17 Read Act II up to page 96 and answer questions.

For the weekend 9/7

Take notes on the three characters from "The Good Corn" and "Turned."Be 

thinking about what you might like to address in your essay due on Friday, 


9/9 Essays will be due on September 17th- a Tuesday. Make sure you have 

selected a pair of characters and after brainstorming come up with a thesis 

statement you can prove. So you will need to find the quotes in the stories 

that prove your claim.

9/10 Read the fairy tale, "Godfather Death" and answer the questions on the 

handout. Be working on your essay on "The Good Corn" and "Turned." Reference 

information for the works cited in your paper were handed out to you today.

9/11 Read "The A&P" and answer the questions.

9/13 Read " A Rose for Emily" We will work on the questions in class. Decide 

on the point of view. Have a rough draft of your essay on "Turned" and "The 

Good Corn" done by Monday.

 9/16 Essay on "Turned" and "The Good Corn" due. Typed, double spaced, 

printed out. Make sure you have sufficient textural evidence to support your 

thesis claim and that you have blended your quotations smoothly into your own 

sentences. Make sure you list the works cited at the bottom of the last page 

of your paper.

9/17 Read "Sonnny's Blues" page 39 in your book. We will be reviewing the 

time lines created today and discussing "A Rose for Emily"

9/18 Please read " sonny's Blues" and answer the questions. You will be 

writing a profile of the narrator, so pay attention to the information you 

learn about him as you read.

9/19/13 Profile for the narrator in "Sonny's Blues" 1 to 1 /2 page, double 
spaced, typed narration with information gleaned from his story, accompanied 
by a picture of him. This is NOW due on Tuesday, 9/24. Read "Why I live at 
the P.O."- quiz on Monday.

9/26 Merchant of Venice Act I completed and questions answered.

9/27 Merchant of Venice Act II scenes I and ii and questions

9/29 Read Act II scenes 3-7 and answer the questions.

10/1/13 Finish answering all questions for act II. Make sure you know what 
has happened. We will have a quiz on that Act.

10/2 Be prepared to present  Shylock as victim/villain with textural proof 
and then the dramatic reading of the speech. Also read Act III scene 11 and 
answer the questions.

10/3 finish Act III and answer the questions. Pay close attention to what 
Portia's song may do for Bassanio.

10/4 Read Act IV Merchant of Venice

10/9 Finish answering the questions for Act V. Think about the themes of the 

10/15 Essay prompt choices for Friday, October 25th due date on Merchant of 
Venice passed out. One choice is on oaths and promises, one is different 
kinds of love, and the third is about anti-Semitism and racism. 
Please bring your short story book to class with you for Wednesday.
10/21 READ "Everyday Use" and answer the questions. Also define yourself 
using the prompt I handed out in class. How do you define who you think you 
are. What things would you use to define yourself? If you had to take some 
things from home to represent you what would they be? Please explain how 
these things are part of your idea about yourself eg.( I am a rabid Red Sox 
fan- I see myself as a scrapper who never gives up and doesn't care what 
other people think)

10/22 Read " Gimpel the Fool" carefully. Be working on your paper for The 
Merchant of Venice.

10/23 Bring your book and have read "carefully" the story " Gimpel the Fool"
Essay on Merchant of Venice with parenthetical documentation, properly quoted 
(MLA style for verse)due on Friday.

10/25 Essay due. Make sure you have proper MLA parenthetical documentation 
and that you include a works cited reference to the book.

10/28 Have the questions and paragraph written for "To Build a Fire." Write a 
page on what your final evaluation of the character of Gimpel after our 
discussion today. You may take either side or a combination of the two. Use 
the text for documentation. Due Wednesday

10/29 Read " The Storm" no questions. Finish your page about what you think 
about Gimpel. After our discussion do you think he is or isn't or something 
of both and give support for your opinion.

10/30 Read " Greasy Lake" and answer the questions. You may select a partner 
to do a project with for the last story " A Pair of Tickets"- directions to 

11/1 Finish reading "A Pair of Tickets" consider what you might like to do 
for a project.

11/4 Projects for "A Pair of Tickets" will be due on Tuesday, November 12.
We will be working next on the section of our short story book on "theme" 
starting with F.Scott Fitzgerald's short story " "Babylon Revisited"

11/8 Please finish your projects on " A PAir of Tickets" due on Tuesday, 
November 12.

11/12 Please be prepared to discuss what the American Dream was in 1949 and 
what you think it 
is today. What does the American Dream mean to you?

11/13 Death of a Salesman, read Act I up to page 24 or the point in Act one 
Where Linda speaks: To me you are.[slight pause] The handsomest.
                    [From the darkness is heard the laughter of a woman. 
Willy doesn't turn to it, but it continues through Linda's lines.] And answer 
the questions 1-15 for Act I

11/14 Read to the end of Act I with the Woman's appearance. Answer the 
questions for the rest of Act I. Be prepared for a quiz. 

11/15 Please read Death of a salesman to page 74 in your text or up to 
Charley's second entrance in Act II. answer the questions.

11/18 read page 73- 96  and answer the questions

11/20 we have finished reading the play. Answer the questions on the two 
sheets handed out in 
class. We will be talking about the symbols in the play.

11/21 Review the last part of Death of a Salesman. There will be a TEST next 
week on the whole play. Make sure you have answered any questions. We will be 
seeing the film tomorrow. Net Flix for anyone not in attendance!
11/22 Test on Tuesday 11/26 for Death of a Salesman. Paper due on 12/2/13

11/26 Test on "Death of a Salesman" Bring materials to work on your essay 
should you finish early

12/2/13 read " Chrysanthemums" and answer the questions

12/3 Read " The Lottery" quiz

12/4 Read "Biography of a story" by Shirley Jackson. Be prepared to discuss 
it in relation to " The Lottery"

12/5 We will be working in class on symbol and then moving on to style.

12/6 Write two paragraphs about " My Life with the Wave." One should be a 
reaction to the criticism I gave you and the other your own interpretation.

12/9 Read " A Clean Well Lighted Place" AND answer the questions

12/10 review the Hemingway story.

12/11 Read " Barn Burning"- questions for class. Quiz on "A Clean- Well-
lighted Place" Test on style for Friday!

12/12 Reread "Barn Burning" for the details. What more can you understand 
about the situations and the characters in this second reading? How much more 
do you understand the conflicts and the background that created the character 
of Snopes, what is it that motivates him?
TEST on style- know the characteristics of each of the authors and be 
prepared to identify their writing based on their style. You will need two 
characteristics for each author. Also you will need to know the 6 elements of 
style- definition and 2 examples for each when given as well as the 
definition of style!

12/17 Read " Saboteur" and be rereading your choice story for your card 
Make sure you have a copy of the story to write on as well as the information 

for a reference concerning where the story came from i.e. An Introduction to 

12/18 Bring all your materials for your choice story card report. You will 
have the entire class period to work o this assignment which is due on Friday.

1/2/14 "Metamorphosis" project ( sociogram) due on Friday- Monday if we have 
a snow day. Be working on your essays on your choice story due Thursday, 
January 9.

1/6/14 Read the opening information for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. work on your 
choice story essay.

1/7/14 Finish reading Act I and answer the questions . Work on your essay.

1/8/14 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Read Act II up to page 64 and answer study 
guide questions.

11/9 Act II to page 86 where the direction is "Biff, in his high school 

sweater..."so in the hardcover book that may be around page 98?

11/15- Finish reading Act II of the play and answer the questions.

11/16 Make sure you have completed reading and answer the questions for Death 

of a Salesman. We will be having a quiz on Act II.

11/20 Read " The storm" and answer the questions. Test on Death of a Salesman 

on Friday, 30th. Papers due on Tuesday, December 4th.

11/26 Read " To Build  a fire" and answer the questions.

11/27 Finish your knowledge vs instinct sheet. Make sure you understand what 

happens in the story.

11/29 TEST on DEATH OF A SALESMAN. essay due on Tuesday, 12/4. 

12/4 Please make sure you have finished the questions for " A Pair of 

Tickets". You need to collaborate with your partner on which project you and 

he/she will create. It will be advantageous to decide what you want to do and 

then divide the story up selecting out quotes to incorporate in your product.

12/5 Read " A Clean Well-Lighted Place" by Hemingway. Answer all the 

questions. Know this story!!!

12/6 Review " A Clean Well lighted Place" and make sure you have answered the 

questions. Finish choosing the stylistic characteristics for the sample 

authors given in class today. We will review them.

12/7 Read " Barn Burning" study notes and characteristics of style of 5 

authors for test on Tuesday. You will need to be able to give all 6 elements 

of style and the definition ( virtually the notes) and then you will need to 

identify new passages by the same authors utilizing 2 elements of their style.

The names will be provided.

12/10 Study the style notes definition and 6 elements along with their 

definitions and examples. 

Review the characteristics of the five authors we reviewed in class. You need 

to have 2 elements 

b,y which you can identify an author. You will be asked to match up an 

excerpt with an author and 

give two elements that you find in the excerpt that let you identify that 


12/11 Use this time to gather materials and quotations for your "A Pair of 

Tickets" project.It is due on Friday.

12/13  "A Pair of Tickets" project. 

12/18 read "the Lottery" answer the questions...quiz

1/4/13 finish reading act 2 of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and answer the questions.

Remember your choice story card reports are due on Wednesday!

1/7/13 read ACT 3 and answer the questions.

1/8/13 answer all the questions for act 3. Choice story card report due.

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