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Latin applications

Performance Criteria
Latin for Practical Applications
Mrs. Young 

Course Description:
This course is intended to help students further develop their English 
skills. Students will compare and contrast Latin with English by studying 
word origins and their extended word families based on Latin and Greek roots. 
Students will be introduced to, in a limited manner, the Latin concepts of 
verb conjugation and noun declension as it relates to English grammar. 
Association of Latin word meanings with categorized vocabulary such as 
generic terms for plant and animal life, legal terms, medical terms, and 
mythological allusion will also be part of the course of study. Students will 
also be exposed to the history and cultural influences of the Roman 
civilization through projects and films.

Class Format and Procedures:
The study of vocabulary will be the major emphasis of study. There will be 
assignments utilizing the vocabulary in written exercises as well as workbook 
activities. Classwork will include individual as well as group work, oral 
presentation, and written response.  Responses will require use of focused 
vocabulary in various formats. Examination of the Roman culture and history 
will be studied in reading,   research, and film viewing. Elementary Latin 
vocabulary and syntax acquisition as well as translation will be a 
significant part of the course.

Homework Assignments and Projects:
●   Vocabulary exercises
●    written assignments
●     poster/ power point /google docs. presentation
●    oral presentation

Methods of Evaluation/ Assessment:
●     tests           25%
●     quizzes         30%             pre-quiz given prior to quiz 
●     projects        25%
●   homework/         20%

Major Assignments lose 10 points  per day for each day late.

Homework will be assigned on most days, usually consisting of vocabulary 
exercises or Latin sentence handouts, designed to practice the material for 
eventual mastery.
Students are encouraged to use “quizlet” on the internet for flashcard and 
game practice.

Extra Help/ Make-up:
Extra help is always available. Time can be arranged for after school or 
during DSB.I will need to know in advance if you want to come as sometimes 
meetings are scheduled. You can speak to me at the time of your class or 
email a request.
 Make-up work should be accomplished as soon as possible after a return. Some 
testing may take more than a DSB period and will be scheduled for after 


  9/9/13 Tomorrow we will have a quiz on Lesson 1&2 Greek and Latin. Please 
finish answering Mythology  questions. Please look over Roman numeral 

9/10 We will be working on myths and lesson 2 in your vocabulary book.

9/11 Do exercises for lesson two o Latin and Greek numbers 3,4,10,100.And the 
Roman numeral exercises.

9/13 Review lesson 2 and the myths for a pre-quiz on Monday. We have now 
begun our venture into the Latin language with how gender relates to nouns.

9/16 Review Lesson 2 and the creation myths for tomorrow's quiz.

9/18 Review Latin nouns and gender as well as adjective agreement. Do 
exercises 3A and 3B for lesson 3 in the purple book.

9/19 Do exercises 3C from the purple book lesson 3 and the questions for the 
mythology lesson on Jupiter and Saturn 1-10 and 1-5.

9/25 Do exercises 4 a&b as well as begin the noun /adjective Latin sheet.
Use your blue vocabulary index sheet for reference.

9/26 Do Exercise "C" for lesson 4 and spend some time MEMORIZING the 
following Latin vocabulary and their meanings.
familia          gallus        hortus          luna   

 magister   poeta

puella            puer

9/27 Review the Latin vocabulary you were suppose to memorize. Do the Review 
exercises for lessons 3&4

9/29 Learn the first 15 Latin words on your blue sheet. Be prepared to take 
the pre-quiz for lesson 4A

10/1 Quiz on Lesson 4. Learn the remaining Latin words on the blue sheet.

10/2 Start reviewing all four lessons for test next week and also make sure 
you learn all Latin vocabulary ( nouns and adjectives)

10/3 start reviewing the vocabulary and root words from the four lessons for 
a test on Tuesday. Keep reviewing the Latin vocabulary we have learned.

10/4 Use Quizlet to review lessons 1-4 Classic Roots book A. Test on Tuesday.

10/9 Do exercises  5 A&B and sentence practice sheet for predicate 
nominatives, and direct objects.

10/15 Create ten sentences using 10 of the 11 words from lesson 5. Make sure 
they contain enough context clues that the antonym cannot be substituted for 
the vocabulary word and the sentence be correct in meaning.

10/21 Make sure you have the sheets I gave you Friday all filled out. One was 
on the mythology words we had with typhon. The other was from the packet on 
Latin. It is a list of Latin words asking for parts of speech, case, or 
gender for each word.

10/22 Lesson 6A exercises ABC and mythology lesson questions for Chimera, 
Freshwater Hydra.

10/23 Please do the crossword and do the review exercises for Lessons 5 &6.
We will continue the Latin translation in class tomorrow.

10/24 Finish your translation. Study for Lesson 6 pre-quiz

10/28 page 51 of your Latin packet has some sentences to translate 1-12.

10/29 Exercises A,B,&C for Lesson 7

10/30 Finish Latin packet 54-57.

11/4 Review lesson 7 A for a quiz. Finish the questions on Jupiter and Juno.

11/8 Study lesson 8 vocabulary and review the nominative and accusative.

11/12 finish your peer translation. review vocabulary and root words for 
lesson 8

11/13 Quiz on lesson 8. Make sure you understand the accusative and the 

11/14 Finish p.69 and 70 in Latin Packet.

11/15 We will have a test on lessons 5,6,7,&8 on Wednesday. Please start 
reviewing those lessons with your book, quizzes and prequizzes, as well as 

11/18 finish pages exercise II page 76. Test on Wednesday for lessons 5,6,7,8 

11/20  lesson 9 exercises

11/21 Make pictographs for all 11 vocabulary words from Lesson 9 and put each 
picture in a 
cell of a power point. Also, if you have not already,do exercises A&B for 
lesson 9

11/22 Finish pictographs for all 11 words from Lesson 9 in Power Point. 
Exercise C as well.

11/26 Pre-quiz for Lesson 9- Pictographs due for absent students!

12/2/13 page 77 in hand out. Translate the first page into good English.

12/3 page 79 of the " Fabula" ( Leah, we did page 78 in class). And exercises 
A&B for lesson 10.

12/4 Do the first review exercise for Lesson 9&10

112/5 Please review the accusative and nominative for a quiz tomorrow. 
Utilize the old practice sheets for review.

12/6 Finish the 9&10 review lesson exercises. Pre-quiz on Monday for lesson 10

12/9 QUIZ on Lesson 10. Lesson 11 introduced today.

12/10 lesson 11 exercises A&B

12/11 Lesson 11, exercise C and quizlet review. Please access the Project at 
home at see if you can open the first two web sites!

12/12 Pre-quiz for Lesson 11. Use quizlet to review. Bring your laptops to 
work on Saturnalia project.

12/17 Lesson 12 A&B exercises done in class, C tomorrow. Work on your 
Saturnalia project.

12/18 Io Saturnalia. We will be having our festival tomorrow. I am bring a 
strata( like an omelet) and cookies, Mark is bringing Cranberry juice, Jeremy 
is bringing jello and/or napkins. Your projects are due as well.

1/2/14 Lesson 12 pre-quiz on Monday. Tonight do review exercises for lessons 
11&12. Use lined paper for the written part.

1/6  Lesson 12 quiz tomorrow.

1/7 Start reviewing for the exam

1/8/14 Finish packet pages 84-86 #A 1-6 handed out in class today

Latin Apps II

1/27 Choose any 10 words from Lesson 1 and write a sentence for each which 
clearly states the meaning of the word.

1/29 Review the formation of the plural in the first declension nominative, 
accusative, and ablative 
case. Pre-quiz for lesson 1 Book C. Use the crossword for practice.

1/31 Answer as many of the questions on Gladiator as you can.

2/4 Lesson 2 Exercises C and 1&2 Review 

2/6 Lesson 2 pre-quiz Book C.

2/11 Lesson 3 exercise A&B

2/12/14  p.104 in the packet handout. Translate " Mini fabula" make sure 
exercises A&B are 

2/24 Review lesson 3 for a perquisite tomorrow.

2/25 Quiz on Lesson 3 . Exercise A for lesson 4.

2/26 Finish exercises B&C for lesson 4.We will be beginning a project on 

2/28 Lesson 4 Review for 3&4 do exercise 1 and #2 of 2.
3/3 Lesson 4 Review handout for lesson 3&4. Preqiz on lesson 4
3/4 Study for lesson 4 quiz
3/6 Next week there will be a test on lessons 1-4 C Start reviewing. Also 
review the cases and endings for both the singular and plural .

3/10 Finish page 125 in packet on question making. Review lessons 1-4 C for 
test on Wednesday.

3/11 TEST tomorrow on lessons 1-4 From Vocabulary Book C
3/12 Lesson 5 Exercises A, B & C

3/17 Go over your chosen research project and be ready to discuss with me. 
Pre-quiz for lesson 5.

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