Math Projects

The following is a list of some of the projects that students will be doing this year. Students will be given directions as well as a grading rubric for each project when it is assigned. These projects address many different learning styles and are a way to assess students' knowledge on different concept.

Fractal Project
Students will work on this project when we have completed the fraction unit. For this project, the students will create a fractal by following the given directions. They will then answer questions based on their fractal and knowledge of fractions.

Shape/Picture Project
Students work on this project during the geometry unit. They will create a picture using specified shapes and geometric figures, and then classify the shapes as many ways as possible. They will also measure, label the height and base, and find the area of some basic geometric shapes.

Integer Webquest
This assignment is completed while we are working on the integer unit. Students will complete a series of activities to answer the following questions:
- What is the connection between negative numbers and the real world?
- What rules exist for performing operations with integers?
- How can I prove to myself that these rules are true?

Packaging Project
Students will complete this assignment when we have finished the unit on 3-Dimensional Geometry. It involves creating a package for a small item that can fit in the palm of their hand. The students must think about many things when creating their package, such as is it eye catching, cost effective, and easily stackable on store shelves. They are required to create the package as well as a polyhedron net for the package with all the dimensions labeled. They will also be finding the surface area and volume of their package.

M&M Activity/Project
This activity is done to review the concepts of median, mean, and mode. Students will also be creating circle and bar graphs for this activity.