October 20th, 2017
   Today we read a story about scarecrows, and observed how some scarecrows have a pumpkin for a head.  We opened up a pumpkin and explored what was inside!   Each child got to reach in and pull out some seeds. (I was surprised with how many children did not want to reach in!) We also voted on what type of face to carve into the pumpkin so that it might scare away birds.  They voted on a scary face!
     We also had Music Class with Ms. Pavao today.  We sang, danced with scarves and had a great time!

     Today we read one of my favorite stories: "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything".  It is a cute story that the children can take part in (they make all the sound effects).  After we read the story, we put together pieces of the scarecrow that was in the story.  The children had to recall the order in which they appeared.  They did a great job!  After, one of the children volunteered to dress up like the scarecrow.  I think more children would have wanted a turn if the Art Teacher hadn't shown up at our door!  
     For Art class, Ms. Lopes made rainbow circles with the children.  They will go home when they are dry.  
     Remember: next Tuesday is Diagnostic Day at Leddy School.  No school for the students!  I will see them next Wednesday.