About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Pereira

SCHOOL: Leddy Preschool

EMAIL: lpereira@tauntonschools.org

SCHOOL PHONE: 508-821-1275

   I am a life long resident of Taunton and a product of the Taunton 
Public School system.  I have been teaching for 24 years!  Twentythree of 
those years have been at the preschool level.  I really enjoy what I do!
   In my spare time I love to sing and I also DJ!  I spent a year 
traveling and performing with the international touring group Up With People 
after graduating from college.
   I am married and have a son who is currently in 4th grade and a 
daughter in 2nd grade.  I also have a kitty named Valentina, and a guinea 
pig named