Important D
Half Day - December 7
Half Day - December 12
Vacation - December 23 - January 1
Back to School - January 2

Nightly Homework

  • Read or be read to for 20 minutes
  • Practice math facts for 15 minutes - https://www.reflexmath.com/
  • Occasionally a math practice sheet will be sent home

Recess Reminder: We go out for recess everyday, and only under EXTREME weather conditions do we have indoor recess. Please be sure to dress your child accordingly for the daily weather conditions. Students who do not have proper cold weather/snow attire, boots, snow pants, jackets and mittens/gloves will not be allowed to go outside. Please do NOT send toys to school with your child, as we are not responsible for lost or broken toys. In addition, students should play, socialize, and exercise during recess!

Library Books:Return your book before it becomes overdue, so you can checkout a new book when we visit the library each week.