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Grades 1-6 Information and Calendar

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St. Mary Grades 1-6

St. Mary 2nd Grade Additional Dates

Homeschool Policy

For those students who are unable to attend classes in Grades 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6, we offer a homeschool program that is set up on a case by case basis.  *Please note that you cannot homeschool for 2nd Grade.  Please contact our office if you are in need of this program.  

For those students already signed up, please see the link below for the Be My Disciples website.  There are some great resources on the web site as well as the online chapter quizzes.

Be My Disciples Link

Drop Off and Pick Up Policy - Updated 10/2/13

Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 should be dropped off at the building where their classroom is located, either the Church Rectory or the Parish Hall.  Students in grade 2 will all be dropped off at the Parish Hall. There will be someone standing there to greet the children as they arrive.
All teachers will be in their classrooms so children will go directly to their classrooms upon arrival.
Monday and Wednesday, parents of students who are in the Church rectory will pick their child up at the Rectory Conference Room door. Again teachers will be standing with their classes. Parents must get out of their cars to pick their child up. Children will not be released to cars. This is for the safety of each and every child.
Monday and Wednesday parents whose children are in the Parish Hall will come downstairs to pick their child up from their teacher.
*Please note that 1st Graders are released at 4:40pm, 5 minutes before the older children.
This policy is in compliance with the Wrentham Fire Department.

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