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Fifth Grade Viking Project
Due Date - _________________

Summary - You will be assigned a specific topic to research concerning the 
Vikings.  After gathering information from books, encyclopedias, and internet 
sources about that topic, you will design an informative and entertaining 
poster on your topic.

Audience - Your audience will be your teacher and classmates.

Form -   Large 28x22  poster board 

Books are available in classrooms and school and town libraries.  A list of 
internet sources has been prepared and most of these links are posted on 
classroom websites or available from your teacher.  Your poster should 
include written information, illustrations, maps, etc.  You will be assigned 
a topic from the following list:

•	Viking daily life
•	Inland Journeys
•	The Vikings in Iceland
•	Discovering Vinland
•	Housing
•	Food and feasting
•	Jewelry
•	Clothing
•	Games and sports
•	Animals
•	Norse Origins
•	Arts and Crafts
•	Gods and Goddesses	•	Skald(poets)/Poetic Edda (group of 
•	Sagas
•	Runic alphabet
•	Gods and Myths
•	Trade
•	Navigation
•	Viking Vessels
•	Raiding/warfare
•	Runestones & Burials
•	Names
•	The Norse Cosmos
•	Kings & Things


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