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Name ______________________________________ Sanborn Fifth Grade

Layers of the Earth Model and Story Project

Purpose: Make a 3-D Model of the layers of the earth

Materials: Be creative! Common materials, recycled materials, and other ideas are (cloth, paper mache,
plastic bottles, etc...) encouraged to reduce cost.

3D Model

Your Model must:
Be 3-dimensional
Have 4 main layers
Be neat, complete, creative, and colorful


All parts of the project must be LABELED on the project. You can use toothpick flags or some other
creative way to label each part.

outer core
inner core

Extra Credit Labels
continental crust
oceanic crust
convention currents in the mantle
ice caps on the North and South Poles

Description Key:

The Description Key must be an attached piece of the project that includes a full description of the 4 main
layers of the Earth. This can be a cardboard chart, index cards, ribbon attached to the model, or some
other creative idea for describing each layer. A plain paper key will not be acceptable.

Descriptions of the 4 Main Layers should include:
Distance across (thickness)
State of Matter: Solid, Liquid, or Semi-plastic
Composition (What materials is it made of?)

Story - Extra Credit

A short creative story about traveling to the center of the earth. Start on the crust and describe your
journey as you travel through each layer. What do you see? How do you feel? This story should be a part
of your project so that people can follow your journey through your model. This story should be as factual
as possible. Base your story on what you have learning from the �Flipped Classroom� assignments. 
story should be typed.

Remember the following when writing your story:

Engaging Lead
written in the first or third person
Story Map - beginning(characters, setting, conflict, middle(rising action and climax), end(falling action and
Show not Tell
�Juicy� Words
Strong Verbs
Science College Talk
Sequential Events
Factual Information
Informative and ENTERTAINING

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