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Fifth Grade Viking Project

You will be assigned a specific topic to research concerning the Vikings.  
After gathering information from books, encyclopedias, and internet sources 
about that topic, you will make an informative display to share with your 
classmates.  Together we will be able to form a “Viking Museum” and 
celebrate “Viking Day”.  Books are available in classrooms and school and 
town libraries.  A list of internet sources has been prepared and most of 
these links are posted on classroom websites or available from your teacher.  
For each topic, ideas for your display are suggested and might include 
posters, models, illustrations, maps, and written information.  You will be 
assigned a topic from the following list:
•	Viking daily life/government
•	Voyages and exploration
•	Housing
•	Food and feasting
•	Jewelry
•	Clothing
•	Games and sports
•	Animals
•	 Skald(poets)/Poetic Edda (group of poems)
•	Sagas
•	Runic alphabet
•	Gods and Myths
•	Trade
•	Navigation
•	Shipbuilding/longships
•	Raiding/warfare
•	Burials/Rune stones
•	Names


Crash Book Review
 Due Date – November 21, 2013

Form: Multi-paragraph double-spaced essay with a cover
What is a Book Review?
•	A description AND an evaluation of a book that you have read.
•	Inform readers about books they may be interested in reading. 
•	Influence others to read the book.
•	It DOES NOT give away the ending!
•	A book review differs from a book report in that a book report is 
meant to summarize and describe the story, while a book review is not 
a "retelling." Rather, when writing a book review, you should provide a brief 
description and then engage in a critical analysis of the book, which may 
include evaluating the book's quality, significance, impact, and/or meaning. 
In order to properly write a book review, you will need to thoroughly read 
the book and take notes as you read. The notes that you write, however, will 
not be used to help summarize the book. 
First paragraph - Introduce the book to your reader. Mention the title of the 
book and underline it, and tell the reader who authored the book. Describe 
the type of story it is--whether it is nonfiction or fiction; a make believe 
tale or scary story.
Second paragraph -   Write what the story's theme and setting is. For the 
theme, explain what the main purpose or idea of the story is -- whether it 
involves being brave in a hard situation or the value of being kind to one 
another. (See attached list of themes) Support the theme with evidence from 
the book. 
Describe the setting, or the time and place of the story. This could be a 
long time ago, such as in the 16th Century, or the present day. The setting 
also could be an imaginary place or a distant country. Mention how much time 
passes in the story -- whether it is a day or 50 years.
Third paragraph - Explain what happens in the story in this paragraph. In 
this section, called the plot, tell the reader what the main event or 
conflict is about and what events lead up to it. Avoid giving away the ending 
of the story. Also, do not give too many details about what happened in the 
book so that you will have room to describe your feelings about the book in 
your review as well.
Fourth paragraph - Explain who the characters in the book are in the third 
paragraph of your book review's body. Point out the protagonist -- or the 
main character -- and explain how the other characters in the book help or 
harm the protagonist. Also, describe who the antagonist is -- the opposing 
character with whom the protagonist must contend. Describe how the characters 
Fifth paragraph – What is your overall impression of the book?  Answer the 
following questions:
•	Who do you   believe is the intended audience of the book?
•	 What is the style of the author’s writing (i.e., informal or formal)?
•	How well organized is the book?
•	How did the book affect me on a personal level (i.e. did it change my 
point-of-view on a certain issue?)
•	How would you rate this book?

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