Reading – The kids have been working hard comparing two texts using what we call a ‘double bubble.’ We learned how to come up with criteria that both texts/characters have in common and to back that up with text evidence. I am excited to have them do it again using a new set of text. We will continue comparing texts using articles about Pokemon Go and Pong. Hopefully the kids will have a lot to share about what they have read. 
 Math – We are wrapping up our unit on fractions. The kids have worked really hard to learn how to use each of the skills in isolation and to transfer the skills to problem solving. We are working on remembering to slow down and understand the question we are being asked before just jumping in with the numbers we see. The second skill we are working on is both double checking our answer and making sure that it is a reasonable answer to the problem. As we work on this and reviewing our fraction skills, it will help support us in our transition to our new unit on decimals. Science – We have begun our short unit on simple machines. Look for information at the end of January on the upcoming Invention Convention. 
 Social Studies – The kids have begun their unit on immigration. Their field trip to Lowell will allow them to experience life as an immigrant. 
 Seesaw - I hope to continue using Seesaw as a tool for communication about not only the kids' work, but also classroom and school happenings. I will be sharing information from specialists as well as upcoming events. Notices and emails will still continue to go home as well.

Earlier this year and again this week, the topic of deodorant has come up in the classroom. As we become stuck inside more for gym and recess, the kids are becoming more aware that they are getting sweaty at recess and gym and uncomfortable for the remainder of our days. Many have brought up that they wear deodorant to help. We talked about how it may be a discussion to have with our parents about how we might be ready to begin wearing it. If this is your first child, I know you make think it is too soon for this, but it would help make everyone more comfortable.

     We are in need on some donations. Clorox/Lysol wipes are always appreciated to help us stay healthy. Tissues are also running low.

Thank you!!        
  Mrs. Cormier
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