Snip-its from Room 12


For the week of May 31, 2016


Language Arts: Reading


This week we started our literacy lessons with the poem “A Time to Remember”.  Using this poem, the children discussed how poems are broken down into stanzas.  We also discussed the meaning of the poem and how to explain more specifically what poetry is about.  This poem was about Memorial Day, but more specifically, it was about Memorial Day being a time to remember those who have fought for our country.  Each child wrote a poetry response explaining the meaning of the poem.

We also read the fiction story I Wanna Iguana.  In this story, the main character, Alex, tries to convince his mother to let him have an iguana.  We used this book to discuss persuasive writing and character feelings.

Lastly, we read the book From Seed to Plant, by Gail Gibbons.  Using this book, the children focused on the different parts of a flower.  Each part of a flower serves a specific function to the plant, and the children created a diagram of a flower.


Language Arts: Writing


         This week the students wrote one of their last weekend news journal entries.  Their writing has come a long way!  This week, the children started discussing how authors often use sound words to make their writing more interesting.  After reading One Duck Stuck, the children discussed how sound words can add interesting detail to a story.  Some sound words are real words, while others are made up words.  Each child tried to incorporate a sound word into his or her writing.

         We also worked on our opinion writing and letter writing.  After reading I Wanna Iguana, the children wrote a letter to one of the characters in the book.  Some children felt Alex should have the iguana.  Those children wrote a letter to mom explaining their opinion of why he deserved it.  Others felt Alex did not deserve the iguana.  Those children wrote to Alex explaining their opinion to him.  No matter the opinion, the children supported their opinion with two reasons from the text to support it.




         In math, we are focusing on identifying, trading, and counting money.  We will work on this topic for the rest of the year, and would love some extra practice at home.  Counting money can be challenging as we have to skip count by 25’s, 10’s, 5’s, 1’s and any mixture of these.  Stopping a count by one value to switch to another is quite challenging.


Social Studies/Science


         As you know, we visited Danielson’s Florist this past Wednesday.  The children learned much about plants.  They learned where many different plants come from.  They also learned that plants grow in different ways to help them survive in their environment. 

         The students also learned about the different parts of a flower.  The children learned about how flowers have different parts including petals, pistils, stamen, and a stigma.  Each part serves a function to help the plant survive and grow new seeds.  The children each dissected a flower to find the parts inside.


Ask Me About:

·      Danielson Flowers

·      How a flower grows a seed

·      What is a succulent plant

·      What new guided reading book they read


News and Announcements:


Thank you Mrs. Dodge for being our mystery reader and reading Oh No George!