About the teacher

Hi, my name is Lisa Papazian and I'm an Instructional Coach at both Paton School and Spring St. School. You may be wondering, "What is an instructional coach?"  This is a relatively new position in Shrewsbury within the past few years.  My job is to work with teachers as they learn new curriculum, try out new materials, and problem-solve around student instruction.  I work with all teachers at Paton and Spring St. from grades K - 4 and have the pleasure of being in classrooms to do demonstration lessons, helping teachers to try out new instructional techniques.  I look at student work to identify areas of strength and weakness and help teachers plan for instruction.  I also work closely with building principals on special projects occurring within the building such as leveling classroom libraries, developing a writing program, or adding materials to our schools to increase student achievement.  The focus of my work spans all curriculum areas, and my job is to help teachers to continue in their professional development during the course of the regular school day, as well as at times before and after school.  I am very lucky to work with such strong professionals who are eager to grow and learn new practices in teaching.