Miss Kalagher’s September Newsletter


Language Arts

The summer reading books will be a part of our language arts activities. The children have been taking their time to look through the many, many, book buckets that Room 8 has to offer. Once all the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessments) have been administered, the class will be up and running with reading groups.

We are kicking off this theme with the story from the Junie B. Jones Series. The children just love to listen to Junie B. Jones “come alive” in the classroom during our read aloud time. The summer reading books will also be a part of our language arts activities. The children have created an “All About Me” poster.  Some of the children need pictures of themselves for it. Could you please see if your child would like a picture from home?


We will begin our adventure in science with the study of Butterflies.  We will be observing the development of a chrysalis turning into a butterfly. The chrysalis arrived last week and has already grown so much. When our classroom butterfly develops, we will set it free in our playground.

Social Studies/Geography

We will begin our study of maps, narrowing the scope down to Massachusetts.  We will be studying our continent, country, state, county, and town.


Our new math program, Math in Focus is up and running.  Our first chapter is about place value up to 10,000.  The children are focusing on building numbers with base-ten blocks, three forms of making numbers, expanded, word and standard forms, value of a digit, ordering numbers from least to greatest and number patterns.

Our homework for a while will solely be on add/sub facts. With this new program it assumes that the children have mastered their add/sub facts from 1-20.  The children will be having weekly addition quizzes on Fridays, testing their knowledge in 1 min and 3 min intervals.  Please feel free to have your child practice their facts in other ways, in addition to

Snack Time
School wide, snack time has been moved to in the classroom and not outside during recess.  The children have been wonderful with quietly eating their snacks while working, either before recess or right when they come in.  I have left the option to when they want to eat their snacks up to them.
All snacks must be peanut free...thank you!


There will be many opportunities for you to volunteer in and out of the classroom this year.  Once all the dust settles, we can make arrangements.  I will have a sign-up sheet at Open House, Thursday Sept. 22 at 6:30. I am looking forward to another wonderful year in third grade.  Please feel free to stop by and say hello or drop me an email.

                       3rd Grade Curriculum Night:

Thursday, Sept. 22

6:30 – 8:00 pm