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Paton School, Shrewsbury MA


Week of: May 9, 2017                  Grade Two: Mrs. Gustafson

Room Six                                    E-mail:


We are learning about...

Literacy Unit #8: Water Works           Theme 16: Every Drop Counts

End of the Year Reading Assessments and DRA begin this week and continue next week. Trimester Three Writing Assessments will begin this week and continue next week.

Spelling List: Week 2 Spelling Review test. No written assignment. Review informally at home. The list of words in available on this website. Apply all words correctly in daily writing. Correction: the word “lie” was a typographical error. It should be “line.” I apologize for the error.

Math Chapter #17: Graphs and Line Plots; Reading Picture Graphs with Scales, Making Pictures Graphs, Real World Problems: Picture Graphs, Bar Graphs and Line Plots, Put on Your Thinking Cap, Chapter Review, Problem of the Lesson, Chapter Assessment on Friday

Science: Solids, Liquids and Gases –trade books

Social Studies: Unit 6, Exploring Our World, Continents, Bobbie Kalman Continents Research and Study Guides; Media Continents Research letter sent home (Please return by Friday.)

Classroom Update:

Congratulations to Room Six students for continuing to practice their facts with xtraMath! Many students are on the verge of completing their levels, so please continue to practice daily. The expectation is that second graders will complete basic addition and subtraction facts in less than 3 seconds by the end of June.

Congratulations also to Room Six for completing 60,000 Math problems on IXL! This shows good efforts!

Special Appreciation: I am very grateful to all students and families who participated in Teacher Appreciation Day activities! I am very grateful for the thoughtful notes, treats and flowers from the students and your many kindnesses. The donation of tissues and wipes was helpful!

Special Announcement...

As you may have read in Mrs. Bell's Weekly Bulletin, I will be retiring from being a second grade teacher at Paton School at the end of the school year in June. It has been an honor and privilege to teacher here at Paton, and I sincerely appreciate the many kindnesses shown towards me and the students in my classes over the years. In the interim, as we say here in class, we all plan to "finish STRONG!"


Upcoming Events:

May 19- Paton Pride

May 23- Early Release Day due to Professional Development

May 29- No School due to Memorial Day

Important Reminder: Please be sure to read the important bulletin from Mrs. Bell about the change in Municipal Walkers and Bike riders.

Respectful Community Word of the Month: Kindness

Thank you for your interest in our activities in Room Six!