Trimester 3 Health

Trimester 3 Health

Grade 4

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
For this unit, the students will learn about medicines and drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and inhalants.
In our first lesson, we will talk about healthy and unhealthy, legal and illegal drugs.  We will learn the 4 rights of medicine: right medicine, right person, right amount, and right time.

Next, we will learn about the hazards of using tobacco products, alcohol, and inhalants.  We will have time for discussion about these important topics.  Lots of literature will be given to the students for their review.  These papers will serve as their study guides for our assessment.

We start with a movie called  “All About Nutrition and Exercise” Human Body for Children.  It will help students understand the connection between healthy eating and exercise for good health.

We will learn about food labels and how to read them.  By doing this, the students will be able to weigh out the good and the bad of the foods they eat and decide if it's a healthy choice or not.

We will take a virtual trip to McDonald's and get to choose items from the menu.  After then seeing the nutritional facts, students will make new, healthier choices for their pretend lunch.

We will learn about the foods that contain hidden sugars, and will "rethink our drinks".

We will learn about "MyPlate" the new graphic that helps students understand how to eat a balanced diet. 
We will sort foods into the proper food groups:  Protein Group, Dairy Group, Vegetable Group, Fruit Group, and Grain Group.  Calcium is important for your the health of your bones and teeth.  The students will learn which foods have calcium in them. 

Study guides will go home with parent letters to help prepare for the end of unit assessment.