Great Links!

This is a MUST watch about kids and their activity levels.  It reinforces what
we are doing at school to help students be more active.
Educating the Student Body:  Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School

5 Servings of fruits and veggies every day
2 hours or less of screen time per day
1 hour or more of active time (exercise) per day
0 sugary drinks
New Resource for 5-2-1-0 Every Day!

Tons of great Health topics for kids and parents.  Give it a try!
Kids Health

Visit the Dept. of Energy's student site to learn how to do a Home Energy Checkup!
U.S. Department of Energy

Henry shows kids how to be healthy!
Healthy Tips for Kids

Great for healthy eating and moving!
Great site for keeping kids and families healthy

Great nutrition ideas from "MyPlate".  Take a visit and get some super ideas
about balancing your meals and much, much more!  Go ahead, take a look!

Great little short movie for second graders about bullying.  Gives a nice
description of what bullying is and some strategies about what to do if it
happens to you.
Bulling Grade 2

Other Resources

Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:     School
Library     Local Public Library