Welcome to the Media Center!

Welcome to Paton Media Center for the 2014 - 2015 academic year! The Media Center year is always busy. Many classes take place in here during the week, along with accompanying activities to enhance reading skills and to encourage a general joy of literature.

I like to think of the Media Center as one big book club where the books 'come to life'. 
Beginning in mid September the students will be able to check out two books on a weekly basis. If the books are returned in time for the next book checkout day, s/he will check out more titles. We also have a good selection of magazines.

Our Gift of Knowledge program runs throughout the year.  This is our donate-a-book program where a pre-ordered book can be purchased for $18 and donated to the Media Center for the students to enjoy. Mrs. McLaughlin has kindly stepped up this year to create the unique and lovely Gift of Knowledge dedication labels. A form is available on this website.

If you are interested in volunteering in Media
, please email me. We treasure our volunteers and they are put to good use helping students locate books during book checkout, shelving, straightening out the shelves, copying, Gift of Knowledge, display boards and other art projects.

Martha Paine is our Media Specialist. Some of you may remember that she worked in the Media Center at Floral Street School a few years ago. Mrs. Paine visits all four elementary schools in Shrewsbury in addition to Beal, and oversees the work going on in the Media Centers. No small task!

Rosemary Royer
Paton Media Aide