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Mrs. Boyer's Page


October 17 through October 28, 2016


  • Emphasis is on the letters in our first names
  • Size: Small, Medium and Large
  • Rhyming Words
  • Fine Motor Skills: tracing, cutting, gluing and using tweezers
  • Opened our new Block Center
  • Opened our Halloween Sensory Table filled with beans, bugs, bones, skeletons, spiders, witches and lots more! By using tweezers to fill their cauldrons, the children are working on their fine motor skills.  They are also able to sort these items by size, shape, color, etc.  They don't even realize that they're learning while having fun!


Continued working on our Fundraiser Masterpieces

Working on our Fall Mural!

We turned our apple prints into a pumpkin patch

Marble painting to create "Spooky" Spider Webs

"Creative" drawing helped the children to draw their Halloween self portraits

Pumpkin Faces to scare some folks on Halloween!


John Pig's HALLOWEEN; Click, Clack, Boo!; There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat!; There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves; Inside a House That Is Haunted; Mouse's First Halloween; Who Will Haunt My House on Halloween; The Night Before Halloween


The OWL Song;  Bats are Sleeping; Five Little Pumpkins; There Was a Ghost; Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOO; I Saw a Little Ghost; To Scare Some Folks on Halloween; Bats in a Tree; Big Orange Pumpkin

Have a Safe and Spooky



September 12 through October 14, 2016

Now that the children have become familiar with their new teachers, friends and classroom, we have begun to explore life as a preschooler.

Our day begins with self directed table top activities that help to develop age appropriate skills with the emphasis on socialization.  Some of their favorites so far have been connectors, play-doh, puzzles, duplos, doll house and drawing.

We then transition into the different "centers" of the classroom. 

After clean-up, we crown the Star Student of the day.

Once hands have been washed, we sit at our tables, get our praying hands ready to say our morning prayer and enjoy our snack while teaching the children to be independent.  The teachers sit with the children to encourage social interaction between each other.

The children then gather for circle with the teacher to do daily activities, have a group discussion about a topic being learned and listen to a story.

We then move on to small group activities.  The children participate in an activity with their teacher that introduces or reinforces age appropriate skills for learning. 

Weather permitting we go outside to the playground where the emphasis is on gross motor skills.  We also have physical education classes three days a week with Miss Kerri either up in the big school or down in our lunchroom.

At lunchtime emphasis is on independence and on socialization.  After lunch the children use the bathroom and have quiet time on their mats. After quiet time the children enjoy free choice and outside play, weather permitting.

We end each day with a song and a short discussion about our favorite part of the day.


  • Uppercase and lowercase "A a" and "O o" (letter recognition and sounds).
  • Using our bodies and working in groups of three to create uppercase "A".
  • Rote counting.
  • Picture Day was fun for the children.  They all looked wonderful and enjoyed having their picture taken in the "studio".
  • The children really enjoy outside recess.  Let's hope the good weather stays with us throughout the Fall season.
  • October 2nd was The Feast of the Guardian Angel.  The children made Guardian Shaped Angels and talked about their choices of colors and the kinds of shapes that made the angel.
  • After reading the book The Apple Pie Tree, the children made their own individual Apple Pie Trees and, working as a team, they made a large tree for our classroom.  As a follow-up activity to another book, The Biggest Apple Ever, the children created their own apple pies using play-doh, rollers, trays, scissors, cups and lids.  We then compared the different sizes of the pies; small - medium - large. Just as in the story, the children worked on "baking pies" together. 
  • Taste testing, graphing and seed counting using  MacIntosh, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples.
  • When we read the book The Star in the Apple, we discovered that when you cut an apple in half horizontally, there is a star inside.  We now call our apples "Little Red Houses with No Doors, No Windows, a Chimney on top and a Star Inside".
  • Stringing lettered beads for "Name Necklaces".
  • Mosaic Mural: We moved on to talk about Christopher Columbus as Columbus Day was on Monday, October 10th. We talked about his discovery of America and used the globe to help the children understand the world being round and not flat. By ripping, tearing and gluing different colored construction paper, the children made their Columbus classroom mural. 


The Adventures of Abby Alligator; The Apple Pie Tree; Crazy Hair Day; The Star in the Apple; The Crayon Box That Talked; My Crayons Talk; We're Going On A Leaf Hunt; Mouse's First Fall; The Biggest Apple Ever; Olive the Octopus's Day of Juggling.


"O o" Song; "A a" Song; Way Up High in the Apple Tree; A-P-P-L-E; Sail Your Boat; Please Christopher Columbus Turn Your Ship Around; October Song; I Said A Boom Chicka Boom; Halloween Days of the Week; We Did It!


Looking Straight Ahead of Me; Lunch Bunch; Top and Bottom; I Like To Move It


  • Halloween Party Sign-up on Parent Information Board in classroom. 
  • Halloween Party is on Monday, October 31st.  Children who do not attend school on Mondays are invited to join us for the party until 11:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, the children are NOT allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school, but they may wear Halloween themed clothing.
  • Gym Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Sneakers and comfortable clothing recommended.
  • Scholastic Book Orders are due back this coming Tuesday, October 18th.  Because of your generous September orders, we earned ten free books, Bonus Points and a $5 Coupon for each child when you spend $10.
  • Please label all articles of clothing. Upon arrival, please hang your child's jacket on their hooks and do not put inside their backpacks.  This will help to make our transition to the playground, gym, etc. quicker and easier.
  • Time to change spare clothing kept here at the school to warmer, Fall/Winter clothing.


September 9, 2016

  • The Table Activities today were Duplos, Puzzles and an ABC Matching Game. To help build teamwork and social skills, the children worked together to make structures, solve puzzles and match letters/pictures.

  • We read A Pocket Full of Kisses by Audrey Penn

  • Today we focused on working as a team.

  • Worked on a floor puzzle together as a class.

  • Outside play for a short time due to the hot weather.

  •  The Kissing Hand on CD at Listening Center using headphones.

  • Continued learning our snack and lunch prayers.


Teamwork Song, September Song, Washy Washy Song, Open Shut Them and B-I-N-G-O.

Have a wonderful weekend 





September 7 and 8, 2016

We would like to welcome you to our Pre-K 2B family.

We started our school year off by “walking the room” which entailed introducing the children to the many different centers in our classroom: Writing and Art Center, ABC and Math Center, Listening and Reading Center, Kitchen Center, Music Center and Science Center (Sensory Table).

Pre-K 2B Happenings


  • We introduced some of our classroom safety rules.

  • Read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and the children took home the Chester Raccoon poem with a special kiss.

  • “First Day of Pre-K 2B” drawings.

  • The children chose their own Play-Doh color and, to strengthen their fine motor skills, were only allowed to use their hands while molding it. 


  • The Table Activity today was creating masterpieces using Play-Doh and tools including scissors, rollers and alphabet/number cookie cutters. Some of their creations were meatballs, pizza, ice cream cones, volcanoes, pancakes, snowmen, snakes and worms!

  • Morning meeting discussion began by singing Tickety, Tickety Bumblebee and The Alphabet Song.  We also talked about our families and pets.

  • We listened to The Kissing Hand on CD.

  • We shook out our “wiggly jigglies” by doing the freeze dance.

  • We got to enjoy the playground before lunch and after Rest/Quiet Time. Hooray!! This will help us strengthen our gross motor skills.

All in all, these past two days were, as we told the children “Fantabulous”! 

Always remember:

Preschool is a Journey, not a Race; and also,

Process is Always our Most Important Project.

Mrs. (Janice) Boyer and Miss Dawn

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