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An eye for news: Baby chicks 2010

Chicks add Sunshine to class

Cunniff Kids News staff reporters
     The chick eggs in Mrs. Munger's class have hatched in the last week. The first chick to hatch in the incubator was Sunshine. The third grade is very excited about the chicks.
     There were two incubators in back of the classroom. After Sunshine hatched, the white egg next to it had a small crack in it and the other one had a hole in it. Sunshine was eager to have new friends, so it pecked at the eggs. Then another chick hatched. It was black and was named Midnight.
     Then a yellow chick hatched and Mrs. DiMascio's class got to name it. They voted on names and came up with Peep.
     The second incubator had three eggs in it and they had X's written on them.
     Two of the six chicks didn't hatch and the students think they died.
     Now the live chicks are old enough for the kids to bring home. Lots of kids have brought them home already, and others are still waiting to bring them home.
--May 13, 2010--


Cracking a smile

Sunshine is first chick to meet Mrs. Munger's class

Photos and reporting by ELIZABETH A., JAROD D., SHARIEL J., JALENchicks-5-4-2.jpg M., ASHLEY M., JAKE M., LUKE M., ARIANNA P., and CHRISTINE Z.
Cunniff Kids News staff reporters

     "A few more pushes and he should he should come out," said Mrs. Munger.
     She was right. At 11:48 a.m. on Tuesday, May 4, Sunshine the chick broke out of its shell.
     Mrs. Munger hatches chicks every year. The incubator is in the back of her second-floor room, near the sink. There are two incubators, and three eggs in each incubator.
     After the third-gradeclass saw the chick, the students voted on a name, and Sunshine won.


--May 5, 2010--

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