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An eye for news: Fifth-grade play 2011

Fifth-graders step into action!
Student-written school play
to be staged 
twice on June 8

Cunniff Kids News staff reporters

     On the Cunniff Cafetorium stage, some fifth-graders were singing, “January, February, March ...” While they were singing, they were dancing back and forth on the stage.
     On the ramp, a lot of kids were waiting to rehearse.
     In front of the stage, one of the parents was putting on music and showing the kids the right dance steps.
     It was hard to hear because there was a lot of music and talking and singing and noise from air conditioning.
     The Cunniff students were practicing for the annual fifth-grade play. They wrote the play themselves and they also choreographed the dances.
     The fifth-graders will be performing the play twice on Wednesday, June 8. Once for the entire school at 1 p.m. and again at 6:30 p.m.

     --June 7, 2011--


A member of the dance committee practices his moves for the upcoming school play.

Stepping up their game
Fifth-graders in dance committee
help shake up annual Cunniff play

Cunniff Kids News staff reporters

    At this committee, it’s anything but quiet. A committee for what, you ask? Well, the fifth grade is putting on the annual play for the whole Cunniff School!
    In this play, there will be multiple dance numbers, worked into skits commemorating the fifth-graders’ time at the Cunniff. 
    First came the writing of the play, done by the students themselves. There will be a number of skits, taking place at the Cunniff from back in kindergarten to our future graduation party.
    After that was done, Michelle Sutherland (one of people in charge of the play, along with Marie Gendron) choreographed the dances. As younger siblings sat on the rug and did homework, the fifth-grade dance committee practiced. Some of the dances the students will be performing are Thriller, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Jail House Rock, 9 to 5,  We’re All in This Together, and Levorocity (wrote by the Cunniff’s very own Ms. Rabbitt).
    Well, we don’t want to give them all away now! We hope to see you there!


--May 10, 2011--

Members of the writing committee share ideas in order to come up with the script
for the Cunniff School's 2011 fifth-grade play.

Bringing memories to life

Students turn their stories into
script for the fifth-grade play 

Cunniff Kids News staff reporters

    The kids sat in a circle, talking about the band-aid fairy. That’s right, band-aids. They were coming up with ideas for the fifth-grade play, including a kindergarten scene about, you guessed it, the mysterious band-aid fairy.
    We wish we could reveal more, but we made a promise to the fifth-graders in the writing committee.
    The writing committee is only one of the many committees helping create the Cunniff School’s annual fifth-grade play, other committees being props, choreography, set, and singing.
     The kids in the writing committee have been working hard on a script for the 2011 play. They sort through ideas from their memories and exaggerate them a bit. There are about 30 fifth-graders working hard to write a script as great as can be.
    The sharing of ideas in the writing process is as simple as 1-2-3. First, the kids take a scene name and then start adding details and ideas to make a rough draft, which is composed by volunteers Michele Sutherland, Marisa Petrillo, and Marie Gendron. Then everyone sits in a big circle, usually in Ms. Appugliese’s room, and shares ideas about whatever scene they are working on.
    The basic format is changed and revised until everyone is happy with the result. Volunteers write down ideas and make sure the play is realistic. “We should include...” or “Have you heard about...?” are common phrases floating around the room.
    These sessions often happen after and before school, and for about a half-hour. But you would be amazed about how much happens in so little time!

The writing committee gathers ideas for the script of the Cunniff School's 2011 fifth-grade play.

--May 3, 2011--

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