Typical Afternoon

This schedule helps children with a routine that is predictable.

2:30-2:45:Children are brought to the cafeteria , and enjoy a snack together, as Lead Teachers and Instructional Assistants

take attendance

2:50-3:45: Children head to their meeting rooms and have homework and/or choice time.
Choice activities include arts & crafts, legos, books, puzzles, board games, and other play items.
Playground, Courtyard and gym are spaces and places that are also available during this block of time

4:00-4:45:Enrichment , IA CLUBS Project Based Learning
Enrichment is provided on specific days for each group in 6 to 8 week intervals. Knucklebones, Dance, Yoga,Music and Sewing ,are scheduled one day a week. Families are notified of what the Enrichment will be for the first term beginning the last week of September.

Clubs are designed and led by our Instructional Assistants, once a week (examples include Cooking and Manners,School Garden Club)

Project Based Learning ( PBL) Lead Teachers plan engaging, children driven , long-term projects every day during this block of time. Culminating Events allow children to demonstrate the 21st Century Skills they developed through their PBL. The planning is the Project! Families and peers are invited to performances,exhibits, and presentations.

4:50-5:30: Children enjoy games in the gym, time on the computers in the library, and more.

5:40-6:00: Pick up time.Staff and children work together to ensure that our shared spaces and places in the school
are left organized and ready
for the next day.

We welcome special guests -- if you'd like to share a passion or interest with us, please contact the Site Coordinator,Laureen Raftes, laureen.raftes@watertown.k12.ma.us

A Note About Snacks

CEDP does not provide snacks for children.

All food related allergies should be written in your child's Registration Form. Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks from home,labeled" Extended Day". We abide by the same protocols as the school day, in order to protect students that may have life threatening food allergies. Any student not having a snack from home, may receive a child-portion size bag of goldfish or animal crackers.