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Nation-States Project-Any handouts for the project will be posted online AFTER they have been handed out in class.

11/17 Classroom-QFT Process.  Students should bring their QFT Card.  The homework due on this day is relevant to the project.  Relevant documents:  Soviet Documents Homework, Chapter 18 Handout, QFocus (Document)
11/18 Library-Class on how to compile a bibliography correctly.  Open research focused on three priority questions developed on 11/17.  Relevant Documents:  Government Types, Economy Family (annotated version)
11/19 Classroom-Continue research offline.  Immersion in Ukraine situation.
11/24 Library-Exploration phase
11/25 Library-Exploration phase
11/26 Library-Groups formed, country assigned (1/2 Day)
12/1 Library-Gather information on country
12/2 Library-Gather information on country
12/3 Library-Create presentation
12/4 Library-Create presentation
12/8 Library-Rehearsals
12/9 Classroom-Share/Role Play


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Extra Credit:

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