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1/8/2015-Map Skills
2/23/2015-Binder Quiz/Check

Extra Credit:

Go to the Map Quizzes Links on the World Geography Links page of this site.  Complete any (physical or political) map quiz about Africa.  If you get at least 70%, print the screen and turn it in (put your name on it).  You will get 1 point for each map quiz up to a maximum of 10 points that can be applied toward either Q2 test.  Due Date:  Monday, January 12th, 2014.

Anyone traveling out of state or overseas can do a five minute presentation when they get back.  Half can be about the trip.  The other half needs to make a strong connection to something that we've talked about in class.  There do need to be visuals.  You will get 5 points of extra credit that you can use in any grading category.
Due Date:  Must present by January 30th, 2015.