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2/3/2015-Africa (The best way to study for this test is to write out what you already know about the subjects below.) 
  • Study Guide (format-10 matching vocabulary, 5  short answers)
    • At this point you should know all of the words from vocabulary lists 1 through 9.  If you don't know all of them you should review your notes or the lists which are available on the handouts page of this site.  The ones that will help you with this test are #s 3 through 9.
    • Be able to identify, describe and explain colonization and imperialism (Vocabulary list #8)
    • Be able to describe and explain the Berlin Conference and the Scramble for Africa.  KNOW THE DATES!!! (If you do not have notes or handouts refer to the Today in class page of this website:  12/22/2014, 1/9/2015 and 1/13/2015)
      • The pre-colonial and colonial maps of Africa are there
    • Be able to explain the physical geography of Africa
      • Symmetry
      • Climate
      • Land & water forms (if you don't have notes or any handouts refer to the Today in class page (12/23/2014, 1/6/2015 and 1/7/2015)
    • Be able to explain the Economic Factors to Consider handout (Today in class page from 1/15/2015 through 1/22/2015)
      • Be able to explain how the sectors and the economy circles work together to make up an economy
      • Be able to explain HDI (12/1/2014 and 12/2/2014) and how it relates to the economy
      • Be able to distinguish between least developed nations, developing nations and developed nations
    • Rights (Vocabulary list #9, Today in class 1/23/2015 and 1/26/2015)
      • Be able to explain the difference between human rights and civil rights
      • Be able to present an argument about whether there is a need for women's rights or not
    • Be prepared to analyze a political cartoon, image or quote


Africa (We will discuss this next week and the project will be rolled out on Thursday, 1/29.  I'm looking for student input)
  • Non-negotiable items:
    • Rubrics (Peer evaluations 25%, Bibliography 10%, Presentation 65%)
    • Presentation type-Voice Thread
    • Groups-already assigned
    • Dates:
      • In school research-1/30, 2/2, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/23
      • Presentations-2/24 through 2/27


2/23/2015-Binder Quiz/Check

Extra Credit:

  • Anyone traveling out of state or overseas can do a five minute presentation when they get back.  Half can be about the trip.  The other half needs to make a strong connection to something that we've talked about in class.  There do need to be visuals.  You will get 5 points of extra credit that you can use in any grading category.  Due Date:  Must present by January 30th, 2015 (Anything presented up to 1/16 will be counted for Q2.  Anything after that will be counted for Q3).
  • State of the Union Paragraph.  Due Date:  No later than 1/30/2015.
  • Go to this link:
    • Browse the "The Road to the State of the Union"(find something interesting to you)
  • Watch, if allowed to, the State of the Union Address.  This needs to be done for the extra credit, but you need to talk  to your parents about it first.
  • After watching the State of the Union Address write a paragraph about something that you agreed with, disagreed with or wanted to know more about. 
    • The paragraph should be AT LEAST 13 sentences using detail to support your position or argument.
    • Paragraph outline (if you want to use it)