Get out there and do it! 


The Ste Anne Adult Learning Centre offers adults the opportunity to further their education by offering courses that help them achieve a high school diploma, prerequisites for post-secondary study, or improve their employment skills.

Our Mission

To empower all students and promote lifelong learning by providing a high quality education, and learning opportunities in a safe, friendly, adult-centered learning environment.

We believe that all adults:

  • can learn
  • contribute a wealth of life experiences to their learning process
  • deserve meaningful, adult appropriate learning opportunities

    School Profile

    The Ste Anne ALC is known as a non-profit organization that fosters optimal education and lifelong learning. We value the courage and commitment of adult learners and are committed to supporting all learners who want to make positive changes in their lives through the educational opportunities we offer. We recognize the need for adult learners to achieve a high level of confidence and self-esteem to be successful not only in their educational program, but also in life. We also firmly believe that for individuals to be competitive in today’s job market they need strong literacy, numeracy, technology skills and emotional competency.  

                                Centre Hours

    Monday 8:45am - 8:45pm
    Tuesday 8:45am - 8:45pm
    Wednesday 8:45am - 8:45pm
    Thursday 8:45am - 8:45pm
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday Closed