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Registration Process


How to Register

The process of registering involves coming to the centre to complete a registration form with a staff member during our regular business hours. Some applicants are expected to complete two required assessments (scheduled for another day) for literacy and numeracy. These are not tests but a means by which to measure your skill level in these two areas, and to determine which grade level of English and Math to proceed with.

Once the assessments are completed and evaluated, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled. The purpose of this meeting is to set up an education plan with your specific needs in mind. Here’s what to expect:

  • Discuss and clarify requirements for the Mature Student Diploma (if necessary)
  • Review previous high school transcripts (if necessary)
  • Review assessments (if necessary)
  • Discuss current and future goals
  • Talk about obstacles, time commitments and support systems
  • Decide on an appropriate course and model of delivery to proceed with
  • Get to know you



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