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Course Offerings

 English Language Arts

English Language Arts 20F

The English Language Arts 20F course is designed to help you gain further insights into yourself and others, and to expand your skills and knowledge in language arts. The course is composed of seven modules, each designed to enhance your learning. Upon completion, your reading, writing, viewing, speaking, representing and listening skills will be tested and enhanced.

English Language Arts 40S – Transactional Focus (Grade 12)

This course focuses on issues affecting society today. Evaluation is based on participation in class discussions, debates, and written work. The range of topics include novel study, short stories, media: film and television, current events and personal reflection. Attendance and participation in class is essential to success in this course.


Essential Mathematics 25S I & II

Essential Mathematics 25S consists of two half-credit courses. The first half consists of 4 modules including Gross Pay (Time Cards and Percents), Net Pay, Measurement, and Geometry. The second half also consists of 4 modules including Working with Angles, Consumer Decisions, Trigonometry, and Transformations.

Essential Mathematics 45S V & VI

Essential Mathematics 45S consist of two half-credit courses. The first half consists of 4 modules including Home Finance, Geometry & Trigonometry, Probability, and Business Finance. The second half also consists of 4 modules including Vehicle Finance, Career Life Project, Statistics, Precision Measurement.

Introduction to Applied & PreCalculus Mathematics 20S

Students of this introductory course will gain skills and knowledge on the following topics: graphs & relations, number sense, measurement, trigonometry, relations & functions, polynomials, coordinate geometry, and systems of equations.

Applied Mathematics 40S

 In Applied Mathematics 40S students will study the following topics: sinusoidal functions, compound interest, probability, polynomial functions, permutations and combinations, investments, design and measurement, research project, exponential and logarithmic functions. This course is geared toward students planning to pursue post-secondary students where Applied Math 40S is a pre-requisite; also those seeking employment where Applied Math 40S is necessary.

Business & Computer Courses

Accounting Principles 30S

This course is designed to introduce basic accounting principles and theory with the integration of technology. Topics covered include Basic concepts, Accounting Process, Cash Control, Payroll Accounting & Income Tax and Computerized Accounting. The course has five modules with various lessons in each one. The lessons instruct on the theory and practical application of a topic and then offer hands-on assignments.

Accounting Systems 40S

This course builds on and refines the concepts, skills, and understandings learned in Accounting Principles 30S. Students will learn how to keep accounting records using a computerized software program called Simply Accounting. The course includes projects that have students apply accounting topics in a simulated business scenario.

Applying Information & Communication Technology 1 & 2 15F

This course introduces students to the basic functions of a personal computer, the Windows operating system (Windows 7), file and data management, word processing (Microsoft Word 2007), spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2007), and presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007). This course is designed to help build confidence in operating a computer as well as prepare students for the work force where knowledge of Microsoft Office products are essential.

Physical Education

Physical Education 40S

This program consists of two components: 1) Core: includes 27 hours of theory which involves fitness management, nutrition, personal development and healthy relationships. 2) Physical Activity: students must complete 83 hours of physical fitness of their choosing.

Social Sciences

Community Service Student-Initiated Project 41G

This Student-Initiated Project Credit Option enables students to receive credit while making a contribution to their community through volunteering 110 hours of their time. Prior to starting a volunteer service, students are required to set up their objectives in civic skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

Family Studies 40S

The Family Studies course provides students with skills and knowledge in the areas of parenting, money management, relationships, and the well-being of individual/families. Students have the opportunity to increase their knowledge as to how individual/families function in society during different stages of the life cycle.

Psychology 40S

This course will introduce you to many topics within the field of psychology. It is intended to help you gain an understanding of human behaviour, how it helps us to understand ourselves as well as others in the society you live in. You will come to appreciate the many fields in psychology that could be further explored at University or College. Topics include introduction to psychology, human development, the mind, and breakdown and adjustment with regards to stress, health and psychological disorders.

Law 40S

This course includes a survey/overview of law in general and of specific aspects of the Canadian legal system. The focus is on basic principles of law in areas such as the nature and necessity of law, criminal law, civil rights and liberties, family law and tort and contract law. The students will become familiar with the structures and process of the legal-judicial system and the basic elements of law as they apply to the society in which students live.

Physical Sciences

Biology 30S

The course is separated into six modules which include: wellness and homeostasis, digestion and nutrition, transportation and respiration, excretion and waste management, protection and control, wellness and homeostasis changes.

Biology 40S

This course is designed to assist students in achieving a greater understanding of human genetics, bioenergetics, the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom. Topics covered include DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, chromosomes, dominant and recessive traits, cell division and reproduction, genetic diseases, bioenergetics and photosynthesis, classification systems, variety in plants and animals and the characteristics of angiosperms.

Physics 30S

The Physics 30S course is a prerequisite for Physics 40S. There are seven modules that cover linear kinematics, vectors, Newton’s Laws of motion, projectile and circular motion, momentum and impulse, work and energy, and heat.



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